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Cotton Voile Panel with Eyelets

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Cotton Voile Panel with Eyelets - SCENARIO

Scénario ready to hang voile panel. Stitched hem. Washable at 40° (excellent colour and light fastness). 100% cotton voile.Quality & Value, tested and checked in the laboratory. The Oeko-Tex® label guarantees that the items tested and certified do not contain any harmful substances that could be detrimental to the health. La Redoute would like to tell you about the environmental impacts of this product. La Redoute has volunteered to take part in testing environmental labelling of certain household linen items, as part of an experimental project launched in France in July 2011 by the Ministry for Ecology and Sustainable Development, covering over 1,000 products from various sectors. Environmental labelling means that consumers are aware of the environmental impacts of a product or service, which can then help them with choosing a particular purchase. Companies evaluate these impacts at each stage of the life-cycle (production - distribution - use - end of life). Life-cycle analysis was carried out on selected items at La Redoute, in conjunction with an independent laboratory. Three significant impacts have been identified for this product (based on one year's use): Greenhouse effect: this is the total greenhouse gas emissions during the product's life-cycle. For this product: equivalent to 3.99 g CO2 Water consumption: this is the total quantity of water consumed during the product's life-cycle. For this product: 1.12 litres. Eutrophication: this is the product's overall contribution to the deterioration of aquatic systems, expressed in the concentration level of phosphates (or equivalent substances) in the water. For this product: equivalent to 5.33 mg PO4 You too can help reduce the environmental impact of your products by choosing to care for your items in a responsible and environmentally-friendly way! Our advice: Use ECOVER environmentally-friendly detergent (formulated from plant and mineral based ingredients) - Wash on a cooler temperature - Reduce and optimise the use of your tumble dryer
Colour : Sky blue, Light grey, Yellow, Coral, White, Ecru, Light taupe beige, Mouse grey, Light pink, Turquoise blue, Peach orange
Size : 180 x 135 cm, 260 x 135 cm



Cotton Voile Panel with Eyelets

In summary :
Fast delivery which was very convenient. Ordered initially 2 Panels but my window is wider so bought 2 extra ones to give the window a fuller appearance. The 4 Panels look great in my front room. Exactly the right colour I wanted. Length, finishing and material all very good quality for money. Will look for other similar items in the catalogue.

Yes, I recommend this product

You get what you pay for!

In summary :
In fairness you only get what you pay for. I paid very little. it was cheap and looked it. I will order a better quality next and pay that bit more in keeping with my room.My dad used to say 'Dont spoil the ship for a haipeth of tar' In this case I think he was right.

No, I don't recommend this product


In summary :
Not best purchase ever but ok! There is no weight as the material is very fine but I felt a weighted hem would help to make them hang more firmly. Otherwise they are what I invisaged.

Yes, I recommend this product

c'est exactement ce que je voulais

In summary :
Bonne description [...]

Yes, I recommend this product

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