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  1. fashion bloggers
La Redoute

Fashion blogger ?You've come to the right place !

La Redoute.com works with fashion bloggers all over the world to promote the Redoute brand and its products.

What we can offer you :

The selected bloggers receive special offers, reductions and free products from the very latest collections.

What we expect from you :

That you tell your followers about our products and promotions (post photos, articles, etc.) through your blog and your favourite platform (Facebook, Youtube, etc).

Ready to go for it ?

We’re looking for:
  • - experienced bloggers (blog up and running for over 12 months)
  • - with a minimum audience of 2,000 Facebook followers

Our conditions :

  • - Display a La Redoute banner (specifically provided by us or a classic affiliate one) on the Home Page of your blog
  • - Put the photos/articles/videos on your blog no later than a week after receiving products
  • - All the visual and written content must be linked to the La Redoute Home Page or to one of the product pages

Your data :

La Redoute reserves the right to post your photos and the related content (articles, comments, videos) on La Redoute.com as well as the official social media pages.

On your marks !

Before you can start you need a La Redoute.com customer account so we can send you your reductions and products. Please start by registering and then send the links to your platforms (blog and Facebook) to info@redoute.com, putting “blogger operation” as the subject. We’ll reply to you about your application within two weeks.

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Maddy, on her blog : Po Mojej Stronie Lust

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