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  1. 1How can I unsubscribe myself from receiving your newsletters?

    There are two possibilities how you can unsubscribe:

    1- Please log into your customer account and  go to “My Space”. C
    lick on “Modify my details” and uncheck the box “Newsletter”.

    2- In each newsletter, you will find a link at the end of the e-mail that enables you to unsubscribe from the newsletters.

  2. 2How can I receive my newsletters in another language?

    You can go to “My Space”.

    After logging in, click on “Modify my details” and then on “Modify my preferred language”. Also, please note, in each newsletter, you can find a link which will let you modify your preferred language.

  3. 3How can I create an account?

    You can get yourself an account on La Redoute.com by:

    - creating an account on the website (link “create an account” at the top of the page) After having created an account as a new customer, you will be given your client reference number.

    - placing your first order as a new client, by telephone: A consultant will, then, create an account for you. You will be given a 9 digit number which you will be required to mention in all your future communications.

    Even if you are already a customer on another La Redoute website, you will be required to create a new account on laredoute.com. When using it for the first time, click on "Create my account”. You will, then, be directed to a new page wherein you will be required to fill in the necessary information.

    Important: You must have a valid e-mail address in order to successfully register yourself as it will be the preferred channel for communicating with you. Also, choose a password that you can easily remember. You will be prompted for the same each time you log in to the site.

    Trick: We also request you to provide us with your telephone numbers in order to keep you posted on your orders, deliveries, etc.

  4. 4I forgot my password or my client reference number.

    If you have forgotten your password, you can click on “Password forgotten” and an e-mail will be sent to you with your password.

    If you have forgotten your log in details, you can create a new account.

    If required, you may contact us on 0033 3 66 33 17 80* or 00171 62 26 07 33 for USA*. We will register your order.

    *International charges apply
    The call-center is available between 9am & 8pm (GMT+1) from Monday to Friday / between 9am & 6pm on Saturdays.

  5. 5How are my personal details used?

    LA REDOUTE is required to collect certain information from you: Last name, first name, e-mail address as well as postal address.
    If we have your e-mail address, we will be able to send you your order confirmation by e-mail.

    While placing an order, your personal data will be electronically processed.

    This computerised data processing, particularly, the management of e-mail addresses, is subject to a declaration.

    LA REDOUTE makes every effort to ensure the confidentiality and security of the data transmitted to the website. To this effect, the Internet Website uses a secure mode of payment – SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This automatised data process (that manages e-mail addresses for example) has been officially declared.

    You will have a right to access, modify and delete details concerning you and the right to object their processing. If you wish, you may write via e-mail at the following address: info@redoute.com, mentioning your full name, address, e-mail id and the client reference number (if possible) so that your request can be quickly taken into consideration. With the same details, you can also opt out of the various marketing promotions, without any charge.

    For managing calls, the data may be processed in Italy.

    At the time of creating your account, you may choose to receive offers (by checking the appropriate box) from LA REDOUTE as well as from other companies of the Redcats Group or their trading partners, by mail, telephone or SMS. If you choose to receive such offers, you can always change your mind! You may go to “My Space/Modify my details” and uncheck the boxes “LaRedoute.com Newsletter and Offers” and “Best offers from selected LaRedoute.com partners”. If you no longer wish to receive offers from La Redoute.com, you can contact us (please mention your full name, address and client reference number) by sending an e-mail to info@redoute.com.

    A link at the end of each mail will also enable you to unsubscribe yourself.

    La Redoute reserves the right to collect data pertaining to the user, especially through cookies. La Redoute can transfer the identity and contact details of the users to its trading partner, for commercial purposes.

    If you wish to access your details, please send a request by e-mail, stating your Customer Account Number, along with a photocopy of your proof of identity.

  6. 6How can I manage my details?

    Please follow the steps below to modify your details (e-mail address, telephone no., postal address…):

    - Click on “Log in” at the top right and enter your username and password.

    - Click on “My Space/My Details” on the top right again.

    - And you will be guided through!

  7. 7I have relocated to a different country, but I cannot create an account in my new country, what do I do?

    Please check if your new country is delivered by La Redoute.com. Click on “Delivery all over the world” which can be found under the tabs “Women”, “Men”…If you don’t see the flag of your country, it means that, for the time being, your country is not delivered by our site.Enter answer.

  8. 8I have relocated to a different country; can I keep the same account?

    In this case, you can very well have the same account. You just need to go to “My Account/My Details” and modify the field “Country”. On the other hand, if your new country cannot be found on the list of countries covered by laredoute.com for deliveries, it will not appear therein.

  9. 9I already have an account on a laredoute website, can I use the same account on redoute.com?

    Unfortunately, you will have to create a new account for laredoute.com, even if you already have an account on another laredoute website.

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