Extendable table

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An extendable table to save space

The extendable table is one of those practical pieces of furniture you just can't do without. Practical and user-friendly, the extendable table is a table with extensions. It may appear small in size, but once extended, it reveals its full length. Whether as a dining table or a coffee table, the extendable table is ideal for larger numbers of guests. Easy to extend, the extendable dining table is ideal for entertaining guests and sharing a meal with them. Unfolded or not, the extendable table always retains its base, only the tabletop expands thanks to the extensions. So there's no need to move the table - it stays where it is, space permitting. La Redoute offers a wide range of models to suit your needs. Extendable tables can be used in many rooms of the house. In the dining room, a designer extendable table provides a convivial space for entertaining guests. On the terrace, the extendable garden table lets you enjoy meals outside, comfortably seated on a table adapted to the outdoors. Practical in the living room, the extendable coffee table folds away to save space for everyday use. The lift-up table is just as practical, as it can be used as a coffee table before being lifted up to be used as a dining table. As for the console table, it's ideal for use as a console against a wall and then as a dining table whenever you need one. Whether you prefer round extendable tables, square extendable tables or rectangular extendable tables, we've got plenty of models to choose from. Discover them all!
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