Retro table

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A vintage table at the best value for money!

With this retro piece of furniture, you can invite your friends to sit down to a tasty meal. Ideal for kitchens, dining rooms or living rooms, this 4-legged piece of furniture is sure to please the nostalgic. It can be placed opposite a sofa or surrounded by chairs. On the other hand, color combinations are an inevitable part of interior design. Would you prefer a patina of vintage oak, brown or grey? Find the most striking styles for your table. We have 180 product ratings for 'vintage table'. By giving La Redoute a good rating and summarizing: "I was looking for a table that wasn't gigantic but that could comfortably seat 4 or even 6 people and that didn't have behemoth legs... I don't regret my choice at all, very nice inlay and fine legs", "Ibizabel" proves that our consumers are satisfied with their purchases. Pier import' or 'La redoute interieurs' have quite different ranges, and let's not talk about the 'Dutchbone' brand. So find out more about our products before you order.
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