Strapless bra

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A large number of strapless bras.

Ideal for enhancing your décolleté. They're discreet yet supportive. Pleasant to wear, they feel like a second skin and will hug your bust in the softest way. Whether entry-level, comfortable or high-end, fabrics in microfiber, silicone or polyamide have unique properties. Make your purchase according to your expectations. With a total of 533 product evaluations, we recorded a score of 4.18. Giving La Redoute a very good rating, and summarizing: "It has a very nice neckline, I'm a 95c and I took a 95c, even if the bust size is a bit tight. The 100c was too big", "Sacha" shows us that our regulars are happy. La redoute collections' and 'Wonderbra' have quite different values, not to mention the 'Sans complexe' store. So, find out more about our products to make your order a success.
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