Women's Parkas

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The different types of women's parka

A fashionable mid-season companion, the women's parka comes in handy in rainy weather. For a casual look, opt for the slim beige or khaki parka. With skinny jeans and rubber boots, it's THE trendy look for city girls. Perfect for a weekend at the seaside, the women's winter parka features synthetic fur for warmth and windproofness. This waterproof hooded jacket remains a basic wardrobe staple.

Protect yourself from the cold with a women's parka

The women's parka takes the form of a long jacket. This garment for keeping warm is often fitted with a buttoned placket, allowing it to be adjusted and closed properly. It can also incorporate a zipper for added practicality. A warm parka can be fitted with feather padding or a fleece lining. This provides optimum protection against both cold and wind. This timeless coat is the perfect companion for autumn and winter days. The women's parka can also be made from lighter materials and worn in spring. It features raglan pockets that can be flat or zipped, sometimes with a buttoned flap. These allow you to keep your keys or papers close at hand. More elegant than a down jacket, the women's parka is often fitted or equipped with an elasticated waistband. With a belt, it enhances every silhouette.

Vary styles and shapes with the women's parka

The women's parka offers a wide range of styles. For a trendy winter look, opt for a zipped parka with a synthetic fur hood. The soft hood provides effective protection from the wind, while adding a touch of whimsy to your outfit. To emphasize the slimness of your waist, select a parka with a tie at the waist. Wear this coat with jeans, a skirt or dress and a pair of pumps or heeled ankle boots to complete the look. A short parka gives your style a dynamic edge. Pair it with your favorite jeans and a pair of tennis shoes for a casual look. You can wear this jacket for everyday wear or to a special event.
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