Men's padded jacket SUPERDRY

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Elegance in the heart of winter

Imagine an icy morning with frost decorating the windows. It's time to brave the cold in style and comfort. Superdry's men's down jacket answers that call brilliantly. Wrap yourself in a Fuji jacket with clean lines and reassuring warmth as you head for the vibrant heart of the city or a weekend getaway. The softness of the lining, the snug fit at every size and the design conceived with men in mind lighten the fast pace of everyday life with a touch of essential fashion.

Protection and style with Superdry

Urban adventure demands a look that's adapted to the demands of the metropolis. Superdry Everest coats embody this fusion of protection and style. Imagine a faux fur-trimmed hood that outlines the horizon as you make your way through bustling avenues. Even the chilliest days become a playground for the well-equipped. The collection comes in a variety of sizes, enabling everyone to find the right jacket to wear as a second skin on those early morning outings or lively evenings.

Ordering made easy

When the hustle and bustle of the day leaves little room for shopping, free delivery becomes the ally of active men. Choose from a range of Superdry down jackets, place your order and receive your winter ally directly at home or at a relay point. Each down jacket becomes a ticket to a well-equipped cold season, a declaration of independence from the vagaries of the weather. Between sporty allure and undeniable comfort, dressing for winter becomes a moment of simple, effective pleasure, as much as a gesture of assurance in the world of sports and business.
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