Men's Swim Shorts

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What are men's boardshorts?

More than a swimsuit, the men's boardshort is a real short for everyday use. The origin of boardshorts? They were specially designed for the needs of surfers in 1970. Boardshorts are ideal for swimming. Drying time: 1/4 hour! Thinner and more practical than the original models, today's boardshorts are above all practical and trendy. And what about bar nights? Boardshorts are a perfect match for flip-flops and sandals.

L'Élégance au Bord de l'Eau: Men's Swim Shorts

The modern, urban man, conscious of his appearance even when swimming in the sea, needs to choose a pair of swim shorts that brilliantly balances elegance and practicality. La Redoute bridges these worlds with a collection of men's swim shorts that celebrate understated luxury and adaptability to any situation.

A Collection that Defies Trends

The swimsuit is no longer a simple item reserved for swimming or lounging on warm sand. Today, it's a fashion item in its own right, capable of displaying refined elegance and flawless functionality. Within our collection, you'll discover a variety of swim shorts in colors ranging from sophisticated black to dazzling white, as well as a palette of lively patterns and fitted sizes. Whether you're lounging by the pool or engaging in dynamic aquatic activities, our men's swimwear adapts to your lifestyle with ease.

Jersey that combines style and performance

With brands like Adidas constantly innovating, our swim shorts sale features boardshorts designed to excel in both performance and style. Supreme comfort is found in every seam, every water-resistant fabric and every cut designed for movement. Yet despite this cutting-edge functionality, no compromise is made on aesthetics. So, even away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, the man of taste will remain impeccable in every circumstance.

Prices and benefits of our range

At La Redoute, we understand that price is a determining factor when choosing swim shorts. That's why we offer pieces that guarantee outstanding value for money - an investment in durability, style and self-expression. What's more, the perfect size is just a click away thanks to our comprehensive guides and fast delivery. But beyond the price, it's the affordable luxury and versatility that make our swim shorts the real deal.

Adaptability to the test of everyday life

While boardshorts, the star piece among men's swimwear, are seductive for their ability to blend into vacation settings, it's also their urban adaptability that sets them apart. Paired with a light shirt for a terrace cocktail, or slipped on for a spontaneous swimming session, the boardshorts from our collection are a natural fit for your varied days.

A Tribute to Timeless Aesthetics

Finally, at La Redoute, we pay tribute to the timelessness and distinctiveness of our range of men's swim shorts. We celebrate the spirit and lifestyle of our customers, who seek an alliance between the elegance of the city's grand avenues and the sovereign comfort of a lounge suit. Redefining bathing, transcending shorts and reenchanting every moment of life: this is the ambition of our collection, a tribute to the dynamism of the contemporary man.
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