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Both light and classy, men's polo shirts can give the wearer a chic yet casual look. Wear it with jeans, elegant pants or sports pants - any combination is possible. Men's polo shirts can be worn over or inside pants. However, never close all the collar buttons. And over the polo shirt? Choose between a V-neck sweater or a cardigan. The important thing is to leave the neck clear. Casual style and undeniable comfort - that's what the cotton polo shirt. A timeless wardrobe essential, the polo shirt is no longer just for sportsmen and women, but now also for adults and children. For sunny days, the short-sleeved polo shirt is ideal for casual outfits. When the weather's cooler, opt for long-sleeved polo shirts, which are easy to match and accessorize. For a masculine look, pair with Bermuda shorts and a pair of moccasins for an up-to-date look. The women's polo shirt will look great with 7/8 pants and a pair of flat or wedge sandals. You can add a few women's accessories to complete the look. The polo shirts we've selected come in a variety of colors, prints and patterns. Striped, plain, with contrasting piping on the collar and sleeves... the choice is vast. A wide range of cuts is also available, to help you find the perfect piece. From classic straight cuts to body-hugging or form-fitting, find the model that's right for you.
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