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Carry your belongings in style with shoulder bags

Both practical and fashionable, the men's shoulder bag is making a comeback. Increasingly popular, this accessory lets you take your personal belongings or business equipment everywhere with you in style. In all sizes and cuts, the shoulder bag adapts to every style: from sophisticated urban to casual chic, not forgetting the retro look that's currently very much in vogue. The large shoulder bag is ideal for short trips, replacing a small suitcase. Thanks to its shoulder strap, you can easily carry it in crowded places like stations or the metro, while keeping your hands free. The small shoulder bag, or satchel, is perfect for storing everything you'll need during the day, such as your phone, wallet and papers. As it doesn't clutter your pockets, it keeps your belongings in one place and prevents you from forgetting them. Finally, a medium-sized case is ideal for carrying business documents, notebooks and even a laptop or digital tablet. Combine the useful with the chic with a fashionable shoulder bag!
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