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What's the difference between a pedestal table and a console table?

A guéridon is a small round or oval table with a single central leg. Placed in a hallway, near the front door or under a mirror, this practical and decorative piece of furniture can hold all your everyday objects: handbag, car keys, mail, etc. With the same function as the pedestal table, the console is a small extendable table to be stuck against a wall. Space-saving, it can be folding or fitted with drawers. With its retro or modern style, it lends a romantic touch to living rooms and bedrooms alike.

Versatile par excellence, the console easily finds its place in our living environment. Equipped with drawers or shelves, it's the best ally for everyday storage, whatever the size of your space. Perfect for highlighting your decor, it's a must-have in any interior. Available in a wide variety of styles, your choice will depend on your layout and intended use. Do you want special storage or just a shelf on which to place your favorite vase? Think about it, as some are fitted with drawers or shelves, while others are simply a tall, narrow table. The practicality, decorative appeal and variety of formats are all well and good. Make your first purchase and you'll be seduced into multiplying them in different rooms.

What style for your console?

Your new furniture should be consistent with your world. If you like art deco, the combination of glass and gilded metal will delight you. For a vintage look, the 50s and their rounded shapes are all the rage. If you prefer the industrial trend, opt for raw materials and metal. If you're a contemporary or Scandinavian fan, choose a very refined model that will blend in perfectly with your decor. Marble tops also work wonders, with the added advantage of being available in a range of colors to match the nuances of your interior. A more classic version in oak or other wood species completes this extensive range. For a more imaginative touch, gold or black bases in the shape of leaves or branches bring a touch of the exotic into your home. Isolated or in a set of three mini-consoles, straight or half-moon, and in a wide variety of sizes, you're sure to find the product you're looking for. It's sure to become a highlight of your decor.

How do you use your new furniture?

Think of it as storage, or as a way to show off your knick-knacks. In an entrance hall, with drawers, it will avoid the clutter of keys or other knick-knacks lying around on your way home from work. A mirror above, a well-chosen vase or a few books will create a warm ensemble that sets the tone for your interior. In the living room, to showcase your most beautiful lamp, your candles, your favorite books, or in the dining room, as a sideboard, all options are possible. Some of them feature numerous shelves, making them perfect little bookcases to add to your ambience. Smaller formats, for example, can be used as shelves for your favorite green plants. The bathroom is a favorite place for this furniture. Use them to store a few towels, or arrange baskets to keep a few beauty products on hand - it adds character. In the bedroom, think of the dressing table model with its mirror and a few drawers for a privileged space dedicated to your intimacy. If you need an extra desk, turn it into an office. In short, the console has not finished making a name for itself.

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