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Designer coat rack

Chair backs are not coat racks. For a tidy home and always impeccable jackets, opt for a wall-mounted coat hook or a good old-fashioned coat stand on legs. This online home furnishings store has an impressive selection of designer coat racks and coat hooks. From traditional wooden hat racks to colorful metal coat hooks, you'll find everything you need to hang your clothes in an original way. Whether hung in the entrance hall, hallway or on a room wall, the wall-mounted coat rack is an indispensable part of any home. Don't leave your things lying around, and always have them to hand, thanks to this timeless storage unit. We offer designer wall-mounted coat racks or more classic to blend in perfectly with your decor. And for the youngest child's room, why not opt for a children's coat rack colorful? He'll be able to hang up his schoolbag, scarf and heavy winter coat like a grown-up on his way home from school. No more time wasted looking for his things in the morning. And if you need more storage space, turn to a shelf with an integrated coat rack. This gives you both a place to hang your clothes and a place to put your keys or decorative items. And because when you get out of the bath you need to find your towel quickly, install a bathroom coat rack. Discreet and functional, it will be your best ally in the morning. You won't be able to do without your wall-mounted coat rackAll that's left is to choose a location.

Primarily chosen for their usefulness, coat hooks and coat racks are indispensable items that also have the advantage of accessorizing your décor. Designed to store your coats, scarves, headgear or umbrellas, coat hooks and coat racks can adorn your entrances, corridors, bedrooms or bathrooms, or even your utility rooms (garage, laundry room, storeroom, for example). They can be designed in a variety of materials to suit your needs, your budget and your decor.

Choose from a wide range of models - there's sure to be one to suit you!

Coat hooks and coat racks: what's the difference?

Similar in purpose, coat hooks and coat racks are designed differently. A coat hook is an item fixed directly to the wall to hang your clothes or belongings. A coat rack, on the other hand, is a "small piece of furniture" that sits on the floor and is made up of hooks or elements that can also be used to hang your belongings.

Coat hooks and coat racks, for which rooms?

Coat hooks and coat racks can be found in every room of your house or apartment.

Right at the entrance, they're ideal for storing your belongings when you're on your way home from work or when your children come home from school. You'll also quickly find your coats, head coverings and umbrella when you leave the house.

In the kitchen, you'll find a peg to hang your tea towels or, why not, braids of onions.

In the bathroom or bedroom, the peg or coat rack will hold your bath towels, pyjamas or clothes for the day. In a child's bedroom, the coat hook can also hold a school or nursery bag.

You can also place this element in your utility rooms. In the garage or laundry room, for example, it can be used to store clothes or household accessories such as a broom.

How to choose your coat hook?

To make your choice, it's important to consider the room and the place in that room where you want to place this element.

A coat hook doesn't encroach on the floor, so it's perfectly suited to small spaces. If you have a larger space, then you can easily opt for a coat rack or a coat hook, or both!

Depending on the items you wish to place on it, the choice will be more favourable for a coat hook, for example, in a bathroom, and for a coat rack, in a garage.

What design for the coat hook?

A coat hook can be considered a "small piece of furniture". In addition to its usefulness, this small piece of furniture is also a real decorative object, depending on the material in which it is made. Traditionally made of wood, it can also be found in PVC or metal. Some of these items have a mixed composition (wood and metal, for example). You can also find elements where several coat hooks are grouped together. Some raw wood items can also be customized.

This variety of composition and design gives you considerable choice.

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