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Children's toys, comforters, blankets and winter clothes: it's not easy to fit everything under the bed or on top of a wardrobe. Fortunately, plastic boxes with wheels and wooden chests make storage a breeze. This online furniture store offers storage boxes in all shapes, sizes and colors to save space and protect books and knick-knacks from dust.

Organize your indoor and outdoor storage with a specially designed trunk. We offer a wide choice of models to help you store your daily essentials in any room of your home, while staying within your budget with a wide range of prices.

Define the ideal model for your needs

Wooden trunks can hold all kinds of objects, fragile, bulky or simply household linen. The model you choose depends on your needs. Trunks and chests are available individually or in sets, allowing you to match your room's decor. Handles enable you to move heavy boxes without injury, so you can find the perfect place in your room or garden. Some models feature a locking system to prevent toddlers from gaining access to your belongings, or objects from tipping over if your box or trunk falls. The hinged lid can be used to hide your belongings, and for the sturdiest models, as a bench. Metal lockers have been specially designed to facilitate access to your daily belongings. They are not closed, but open so that you can easily see and grasp what you need. For long life, opt for an iron fastening and closing system. Storage has never been so easy!

Bring aesthetic appeal to your room with this elegant storage system

This range of trunks and trunks comes in a multitude of styles. Add a distinctive touch to your interior with a trunk made of rush, water hyacinth, cane, rattan or palm leaf. These materials are characteristically resistant to their environment, so they'll stay by your side for a long time. If you want to bring warmth into your home, then wooden chests will find their place among your furniture. They'll enhance your warm, cocooning ambience. Conversely, metallic canteens with their sparkling colors will be perfect for creating pep, wherever you set them aside. Stackable versions save space while remaining discreet. Children aren't forgotten either, and they can join in the tidying up alongside you with trunks or chests dressed up in original designs to suit them. These storage boxes are timeless, handed down from generation to generation without failing in their storage mission.

A varied choice for every taste

Round, square, rectangular, rigid or flexible, you're sure to find what you're looking for thanks to the multitude of shapes on offer. The colors and materials will help your storage unit blend in with the décor. Storage allows you to free up space not only in your living rooms, but also outdoors. Benches and ottomans will be your allies in helping you store as much as possible, with their function as a storage box. Openwork models are practical for keeping an eye on your belongings. You'll then be able to optimize your living space and appreciate the space freed up. Don't wait any longer, place your order, have it delivered and become a decorating whiz!

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