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Secretary cabinet, a lockable desk

A secretary cabinet is a lockable desk with sliding closure or double doors. Elegant and space-saving, this workspace can be fitted with a sliding shelf, drawers and shelves for storing pens and writing paper, for example. Secretaries are made from pine, oak, glass or metal. This antique-style furniture is particularly suited to rustic interiors, but is also at home in modern offices and living rooms.

Because your office space has become an integral part of your home, it's important to choose it with care and attention. Whether your workspace is located in a separate room, or in your living area, a wide choice of styles, materials and colors is available to perfectly match your home's decor. Whether you're looking for a simple top, drawers, pedestals or integrated shelves, you'll find the ideal piece of furniture to suit your needs.

Planning your workspace

Whether you're working, playing, researching on the web or simply watching videos on your computer, it's important that your furniture is well adapted and practical to use. Your desk needs to be well-organized, with plenty of storage space so you can easily find your documents, and it's important for your back, among other things, that your chair is comfortable. Don't neglect light sources, whether natural or artificial, so as not to tire your eyes unnecessarily.

What type of desk should I choose?

Here you'll find an extensive stock of desks, ranging from the classic to more innovative products such as sit-stand desks or wall-mounted desks that can easily be fixed at the height that suits you best. Your choice should be based on your intended use.

For everyday use, choose a spacious, user-friendly piece of furniture with sufficient storage space: drawers, shelves... When it comes to computers, don't neglect the space required for the central processing unit and the organization of cables.

To save space, opt for a secretary. Smaller, it will easily find its place in an entrance hall or bedroom. There are many modern, designer secretaries to match your interior style.

If you have a room dedicated to your workspace, you may be tempted by a corner desk. With its large dimensions, it will give you the possibility of putting in several storage units such as shelves, a pedestal, sorters, modules... Or leave the top free for a clean, simple look.

Choosing a style that suits you

Wherever you choose to install your desk, it needs to match the style of your interior. Contemporary, industrial, classic, sleek... the wide range of options available to you will enable you to choose the one that will be in total harmony with the rest of your furniture and decor. The choice of material should also be taken into account, depending on the style that suits you best: glass, oak, chipboard or metal, the variety is wide enough for you to find the ideal furniture.

Finally, color is the decisive element in your choice. White or black, colored, transparent or with a wood tint, your preference should match the style of the rest of your furniture and interior decor. Colors are more difficult to match than wood tones, which are easier to adjust to different decorative styles.

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