Bed Headboards

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The headboard is a decorative element as well as an object of comfort.

Used to support the cushions and headboard, a designer headboard can be used to give extra relief to a double or platform bed. A headboard box or simple headboard can then be printed, woven, smooth or quilted. It can also be personalized with photos, or with a 'blank' headboard to cover. In short, any combination is possible to create a personalized headboard.

The headboard is both a useful and aesthetic piece of decoration. Many interior design influencers don't hesitate to show the intimacy of their bedrooms to inspire us with headboards, each more pretty, original and practical than the last. La Redoute, expert in interior design and decoration, offers you its full range of headboards. Romantic, design, vintage or rustic, in our catalog you'll find the headboard to spend the night of your dreams.

The headboard: comfort first

The headboard has a decorative and very aesthetic side, thanks to soft velvet, fabric or upholstered coverings, but its main purpose is to provide comfort for the sleeper. The headboard insulates you from the cold wall. It protects your paintings or wallpapers. When attached to the bed base, it prevents your cushions from slipping. For those who like to read in bed, it provides ideal back support in the seated or semi-recumbent position. The headboard has it all! What's more, to match your home's decor, you can choose from a wide range of colors, from white to black.

How to choose a headboard

Some beds come with their own headboards. But these are usually quite small and "ordinary". Opt for a free-standing headboard. For dimensions, La Redoute advises you to choose a headboard size equivalent to that of your bed. You're sure to get it right. However, you can choose a wider one to accommodate your bedside tables and/or a higher one if your bed legs exceed 15 centimetres or your mattress is very thick. The headboard will enhance the bed by adding a touch of elegance. In terms of materials, at La Redoute we offer rustic headboards in rattan or wood, romantic in velvet or stylized, or designer with an upholstered effect. Looking for a sleek design? Choose a suspended headboard!

Headboard with storage: what if it was the right plan?

You can never have enough storage space in the home. A headboard with storage compartments lets you place your bedside book, a bottle of water, a few knick-knacks and other useful objects without having to invest in a heavy, cumbersome bedside table or bookcase. Highly stylish, headboards with storage are ideal for lovers of industrial decor, as they come in a variety of materials, including wood and metal. If you're into clean lines, some headboards hide their storage perfectly. You'll be able to hide all your little secrets from prying eyes. What's more, we offer free delivery. Why hesitate? Turn your bedroom into a cocoon!

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