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Decoration is essential to transform your child's bedroom into a happy playground. Decorate the room with all kinds of decorative elements: lamps, stickers and cushions.

Furnishing your child's bedroom: storage and decorative items

A child's bedroom needs plenty of storage space to keep the floor free of toys. To make things easier for your child, a trunk is the perfect solution, as it's low and easily accessible. What's more, its spaciousness makes it possible to tidy up the room in the blink of an eye, whatever the size or dimension of the objects. Beyond its practicality, the trunk is an effective way of dressing up a room. Available in a range of designs and materials, you can choose a plain trunk to match your walls, or a patterned one (animal prints, for example) to add character. For a chic, distinctive look, woven trunks or baskets (with or without pattern) are ideal.

Does your child leave jackets and vests lying around? Hang a coat hook on one of the walls in his room so he can hang up his clothes. For a harmonious look and more storage space for your child, you can install a rattan coat hook and combine it with an abaca suitcase.

Your child has plenty of storage space, but the walls of his or her room are not as lively as you'd like. Wall decorations come in many styles to remedy this. You'll find lots of wall decorations, in metal or wood, in soft, childlike shapes: moons, stars, birds or even kites. You can also add frames for family photos or illustrations of your child's favorite heroes. It's also a great way to add color to a room that exudes good cheer: blue, pink or green.

Gift ideas for a personalized nursery

Decorative objects for children are also an opportunity to give pleasure by offering attractive gifts. To celebrate baby's arrival, a birth gift box will allow you to treasure your first memories in attractive storage units. Is your child or a loved one starting to lose their milk teeth? A pink or orange baby tooth box is the ideal gift. To help your child fall asleep or to gently awaken him to music, you'll find music boxes with animal motifs or with a character perched on top (ballerina, mermaid, rabbit).

You can also opt for a play mat where baby can crawl around on all fours and enjoy his first adventures, or decorate his bed and play area with colorful cushions. Children's rugs come in a variety of designs to match your style and your child's tastes: inscriptions, routes, characters or even games. Finally, for a child's bedroom that's personalized to the core, you can decorate the furniture in the room with low-cost furniture knobs in the shape of butterflies, stars or clouds. Available in a range of colors, these wooden furniture knobs will add the finishing touch to your child's bedroom.

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