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Children's rugs

Choose a design with large numbers or letters if the child is between 2 and 5 years old, and then adapt the carpet patterns as the child grows to stimulate learning. A large rug can be used as a carpet if the child is older, transforming this space into a play area where he can play with his friends. A wide choice of childlike designs to delight little girls and boys!

When it comes to decorating your child's bedroom, rugs are the perfect choice. Especially as it can bring comfort to a little one who spends all his time playing on the floor. But you can't choose just any carpet. Here's how to find the perfect rug for your child.

A smart choice

First of all, you'll need to take a look at your little one's bedroom. How much space is available for the rug is the main question to ask. Based on the answer, you'll know which size to choose. It will also help you choose the perfect shape (round, square, oval, rectangular...). A carpet usually covers a quarter of the room. If it's placed underneath a piece of furniture, it should protrude some 60 centimetres. In this case, a square or rectangular model is ideal.

Choosing a mat for your child is also a question of material. It's very important to select a material that's anti-allergic, soft and doesn't get dirty easily (or at least can be washed easily). Choose characteristic fibers: bamboo, sisal, cotton or wool are perfect. These materials will also absorb moisture from the room. It's a "tool" that can also purify the air if the room is very humid. Synthetic fibers are not recommended for children's rooms, as they can cause allergies.

An aesthetic choice

Carpets are also a major decorative element. It is therefore important to choose its appearance with care. The more imposing the pattern, the more the rug will visually narrow the room. If the room is small, a light shade will enlarge it.

When it comes to color, you're free to discuss it with your child to find the one that will enhance the space. Avoid white, however, as it's too messy. Unless you like to spend your time washing the carpet!

Children love colorful patterns. So you can bet on their favorite animal or hero. There are also carpets that simulate racetracks and serve as playgrounds. This is a very popular two-in-one solution.

If your child likes to roll around in the grass and soil of the garden, choose a dark carpet that will more easily camouflage any stains he may make.

To make sure you don't get the wrong color, choose a children's rug that matches the room's decor. The whole should form a harmonious whole. You can play with shades of pink or blue for classic little girls' and boys' bedrooms. You can also adopt less common tones such as yellow, mauve or green. These shades go very well with pastels. Not sure? A multicolored rug can be a good solution. It's sure to brighten up any room.

One more thing. If your child is very young, it's best to avoid long-haired models. Even if they're cozy, the child (baby) might be tempted to tear out the hair and swallow it! They're pretty, modern and cosy, but not suitable for very young children. When the child is older, this type of mat is very suitable.

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