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Wall decoration, a touch of originality on walls. Since the dawn of time, walls have been decorated to brighten up living spaces. Whatever the room, there's nothing like an original wall decoration to personalize your space and decorate it to your taste. Our selection of objects offers you a wide choice of wall decorations that follow the latest decorating trends. In a bedroom fabric wall decorationA wall hanging, such as a wall weave or tapestry, adds an ethnic touch to the wall. For a harmonious decor, you can match the chosen object with bed linen in the same tones or patterns. In the living room, opt for a message light box, ideal for expressing the mood of the day, passing on a quick note and much more. In the entrance hall, the metal wall decoration in the shape of a pigeonhole is an excellent choice for holding mail, keys and anything else you want. It can be placed above a metal console to furnish a hallway, for example. If you're looking for a wall decoration for the kitchenA set of frames will be perfect. You'll be able to slip in photos of your finest culinary achievements to keep with the theme of this room.

Unlike other surfaces with little use, the wall is usually the star of the decorating store. The sheer scale of its space and its immense decorative potential make it ideal for ornamental objects. Photos, pictures and shelves often take pride of place.

The photo frame

A great classic. Photo displays are a firm favorite with wall decorators, and their success is based on a number of factors. Generally colorful, photos bring a wide range of colors to brighten up walls with often plain paint. Although frozen on glossy paper, photos evoke a sense of bon vivant. Childhood memories, vacation spots or important moments, prints often retrace the major events of a lifetime. Guests are sure to want to get up close to the wall to take a closer look at your photos. So take care in arranging them by opting for the wired or bamboo Mix'n'Match frame. Classic rectangular photo frames will do just as well, especially if their layout has been carefully thought out in advance.

The clock

Combining aesthetics and functionality, the clock is an indispensable element of any vertical surface. The circular clock has reigned supreme for years, and is now available in a variety of materials: wood, ethnic metal, marble, even herbarium for a cocooning design. Don't forget to choose a silent clock for rooms that are conducive to calm. You can also play on transparency with backless clocks.

Wall stickers

A victim of its own success, the wall sticker has the advantage of appealing to all generations. Thanks to its totally free use, it opens up the field of possibilities and awakens your creative potential. Even if animal and plant motifs are legion, there's an infinite choice of themes (letters, numbers, monuments, silhouettes...). Often repositionable, they give you the luxury of changing your mind whenever you like. You can also use stickers to complement a physical object; for example, to line the edges of a bedside lamp on the wall.

The wall shelf

This little object doesn't fit just anywhere. Just as the aforementioned objects can be used on flat surfaces (on a desk, a chest of drawers), the shelf can't be positioned anywhere but on a wall. Very practical for holding plants or knick-knacks, it's bound to find a place in your decorating scheme. Use it as a showcase to display your recent reading, hide a stained section of wall, or fill in an isolated area. Stand out from the crowd by choosing a glass shelf that will reflect the characteristic or artificial light of your space.

The mirror

"Mirror, mirror, tell me which is the most beautiful object to decorate my wall. Well, it could be just that! A veritable magician of reflections and light, it will give the illusion of a larger space, notably by increasing its depth. Available in many shapes and sizes, it can be made from rattan, brass, metal or herbarium. Choose one in the shape of a sun to add even more warmth to your room.

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