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Candles are perfect for creating a cosy, warm, romantic atmosphere. They're the perfect little home accessory to have around the house or to give as a gift. Whether used individually in a candle jar, or sold in sets to decorate a candleholder or candlestick, candles add a touch of light, refinement and elegance to your home décor. By choosing a scented candle, you'll create a subtle fragrance that will delight your sense of smell.

In our La Redoute catalog, find our stock of candles, always at the best price, to feel serene and soothed by the glow of a deliciously scented candle.

Why have candles in your home?

Candles are increasingly present in interiors, adding an extra decorative touch. Candlelight is relaxing and soothing, encouraging meditation and well-being. They gently illuminate a room and come in all shapes and sizes.

Thanks to the range of wax candles in our La Redoute catalog, you'll find candles in white, pink, red, silver... The color palette is endless.

The candles are available as cylindrical monoblocks for table decorations, or as glass candle holders to diffuse a soft light. You can place them in your living room, or on your coffee table for a romantic evening.

For a candlelit dinner, these fine candles will accompany your delicious meal, gazing into each other's eyes.

If you want to pamper yourself and enjoy a relaxing bath, carefully place a few candles around your bathtub, along with a fragrance diffuser. If you prefer, you can also use LED wax candles for added safety. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of technology while retaining the warm glow of candlelight.

A birthday to celebrate? In our catalog, find all our festive candles to celebrate this very special day.

How to choose the right scented candles?

Scented candles are as pleasing to receive as they are to give. Beautifully presented, they're sure to please. Some are renowned for their soft, delicate scents. Presented in photophores with chiselled details, scented candles diffuse a pleasant, fresh and subtle floral fragrance.

It's perfect for feeling harmonious and serene at home, because scents have a beneficial effect on the body and mind, for example:

  • A cinnamon, ginger or clove candle is a real energy booster for your body.

    Scented candles for the home

    In the age of the electricity fairy, candles have lost none of their charm: there's nothing like a candlelit dinner for Valentine's Day or a romantic get-together. Tealights in candle jars create a soft, cosy atmosphere in the living room or bedroom. And for a healthy, relaxing atmosphere, opt for a scent diffuser or a Berger anti-smoking lamp.
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