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Always on time, thanks to your clock!

A clock is a decorative object that's also useful! In this selection from La Redoute, you'll find clocks to suit every room in your home! The wide range of dials means you can choose from a multitude of styles, whether you're looking for a wall clock to complement an already-established decor, or a highly original object that will single-handedly add character to your interior! Whether you're looking for a modern or vintage clock, with a wood, synthetic or marble dial, you'll be sure to be on time with our selection! For a kitchen, choose a clock with a wood dial for a country feel, or a more sophisticated model with a wrought-iron frame for even more vintage flair! In the living room, opt for a trendy, modern piece in an unusual format that will stand out from the classic round dials! For your children, colorful clocks or alarm clocks in the colors of their favorite heroes will help them get up in the morning for school!

The clock: this object has long been considered a utilitarian accessory for keeping track of time. Today, it has become a must-have in the world of indoor decoration. Over the years, models have multiplied and come in a variety of dials to suit all interior design styles. Modern, vintage, wood, vinyl, metal, black, white... There's something for everyone.

A modern clock with a contemporary design

Indoor furnishings with a contemporary, industrial look are becoming increasingly popular. In an interior space with a mix of chic furnishings and subdued lighting, a clock with pure lines will easily find its place. It will create a warm, cocooning atmosphere.

Clocks made of marble are most often associated with this style of decoration, but it's just as possible to choose one in white or black. In terms of space, they'll look great on the wall of your living room or dining room. In a bedroom, your clock will also enable you to keep track of the time at all times, while adding character to the space.

A Scandinavian watch

Scandinavian decor has been invading interior spaces for some time now. It's especially appreciated for its relaxing yet chic feel. In addition to furniture, accessories can also play on this style. A wall clock, for example, can blend in with the overall decor while adding a slight industrial touch. Made of metal, it will provide a nice contrast with the rest of the décor. Alternatively, a model with a dial made from a distinctive material can also be integrated into the decor. It adds an exotic, bohemian touch.

Factory" clocks

In an interior where the industrial spirit dominates, a large watch is a must. It will bring a touch of whimsy to the rest of the decor and give your layout a singular character. The variations are numerous. In stock, for example, are XL, L and XXL models with synthetic dials. Prices are to suit all budgets, and delivery can be included.

Colorful alarm clocks for children

It's a fact that children often have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. But if there's one way to put them in a good mood as soon as they wake up, it's undoubtedly a watch bearing the effigy of their hero. And there are plenty of models to choose from. For teenagers, a trendy piece that won't go unnoticed in their bedroom is a must. With a wrought-iron frame or made from a synthetic material, the choice is quite wide. You'll also find models with original formats: star-shaped, round, triangular... Some even feature a rust effect, while others have a "retro train" look.

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