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How to choose a photo frame?

The choice of photo frames is determined first and foremost by the room in which they will be installed. This will then determine the colors, dimensions and materials. For a painting frame, it all depends on the canvas itself and individual tastes: art can't be explained, it has to be felt. When it comes to interior decoration, photo canvas or photo on canvas is an original way to decorate a wall. With the same idea of personalizing a room, a digital frame can be used to decorate the top of a piece of furniture: a testimony to happy moments with family or friends that are constantly passing by.

Photos are a great way to keep memories intact. Whether it's old family photographs, a seaside vacation with friends or the birth of our youngest child, photo albums are filled with these moments of grace. Unfortunately, photo albums are rarely consulted, even though it's so nice to regularly pass by a heartwarming photo. To enjoy these memories without the risk of damaging the image, a photo frame is the essential tool for showcasing the photo and protecting it from dust and light.

Frames in all materials and colors

Since photo frames are also a decorative object to be admired in the home, they need to fit in with the interior design.

La Redoute offers photo frames from unique brands, each with its own visual identity, to match the style of any interior.

From the classic wooden photo frame, to the white or black mix'n'match or the metal wall-mounted photo holder, all materials and colors are available to enhance your photos.

Because every decoration is unique, La Redoute offers the most extensive catalog to help you find the frame that suits your tastes and that will show off the photo of your family or friends to best advantage.

Our flagship products include the wired, rectangular or round jumble frame, resolutely chic and modern, into which you can slide several photos to have all the views at a glance.

The "clothesline" frame is particularly popular and cute. Hang it in a child's bedroom, and it'll look great.

The free-standing frame is a timeless favorite. With a wooden frame, it's perfect for a clean, Norwegian-style decor. In black, it's perfect for an industrial style, or in white for a timeless look.

The crate photo holder with 9 clips will look great in any living room.

Take your photos right to your desk with the clip-on photo holder. Discreet yet fun, it'll brighten up your workplace.

Whether for yourself or as a gift, a photo frame is an ideal gift, always appreciated and practical.

Take advantage of our frames at unbeatable prices

Because we believe in "Made in France", we like to work with our local companies to offer you beautiful, solid, high-quality products that are made right here at home.

Since it's possible to work ethically, we believe it's our duty to offer products at unbeatable prices.

Take advantage of free delivery to Relais Colis points from €29 upwards.

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