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Wicker and fabric laundry basket

Essential in the bathroom or laundry room, the laundry basket is not just a receptacle for dirty socks. This small piece of storage furniture also has a decorative function, and must match the style of the bathroom. Laundry baskets in wicker, fabric or wood, these large baskets are made in characteristic materials and neutral tones, such as beige, white or gray. Some baskets contain 2 separate bags, making it easier to sort clothes: white on one side, colors on the other.

Gone are the days of simplistic plastic baskets for collecting your clothes; you deserve a laundry basket that's as practical as it is pretty. Decoration trends are even making their way into the laundry room: a fabric basket for lightness or a rattan basket for style, rectangular or round, with or without handles, there are many choices open to you. Still not sure? Explore all the possibilities on this page - there's bound to be a model to suit you.

Characteristic laundry basket

Characteristic fibers have been very popular for several years now, both for their warm appearance and their sturdiness. Made from sea rush, woven rice straw or wicker, this type of basket is as practical for storing your laundry as it is beautiful for embellishing your bathroom. Characteristic colors like beige and brown will warm up your interior, but you can also opt for brighter shades of blue or pink to add a little pizzazz!

Keep a distinctive look with a wooden laundry basket

Its elegance and solidity make this material a must-have for decorating. A wooden laundry basket easily withstands the ambient humidity of a powder room, while adding an undeniable touch of charm. In characteristic bamboo or teak, it can be considered a piece of furniture in its own right thanks to its design, and can sometimes have a dual function: stool, chest, etc. A major asset: it often has a removable interior to make it easier to transport your laundry to the washing machine.

The folding laundry basket, a practical asset

Do you prefer practicality? Opt for a space-saving folding or retractable basket. These baskets come in a range of capacities, and are easy to store because they can be completely flattened. Made mostly of flexible material, they're ideal for simplifying trips to the clothesline, as they're also very lightweight. The larger sizes that stay close to your washing machine can also be folded to fit into the smallest nooks and crannies, thanks to their flexible frame.

Fabric laundry basket

As attractive in a dressing room as in the laundry room, the laundry bag can serve as a container for dirty clothes as well as a toy bin in a child's bedroom. In smaller sizes, they can also be used to store and organize underwear in a wardrobe, for example. Made from polyester, cotton or jute, they come in a variety of designs and colors: black, white, gray, with polka dots or lettering, the possibilities are endless!

The basket: an organizational asset

With or without a lid, in small or large format, in rattan, jute, metal... Baskets come in all shapes and sizes, and are the ally of every organized household. Not only does it make life easier, it can also add style and character to your room. Now all you have to do is find yours!

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