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Determine the style of the nursery

From an early age, children have well-defined tastes, and if their bedroom decorating ideas don't always please Mom and Dad, that's really no problem. The important thing is to let them blossom in a world that suits them, and where they'll enjoy resting, playing and, later on, studying.

We invite you to discover with them the many possibilities of textile decoration such as children's cushions in the household linen section of our online store.

Determine the style of the nursery

Of course, it's the parents who choose the style of their baby's room. We've come a long way from rooms that have to be pink for little girls and blue for little boys. The current trend is to emphasize more neutral colors, with characteristic, restful tones such as ecru, pale gray or taupe. You can also introduce a touch of acidity with drapes, bed linen or cushions in anise green, lemon yellow or petrol blue.

Your children are growing up fast and it's time to redecorate their room. Listen to their wishes and offer to help them choose the wallpaper or paint to cover the walls. You can, of course, offer advice, show them which colors go well together and give them a choice of three or four sets of furniture. They'll be proud to have had a hand in decorating their own little space.

A few extra accessories

You've chosen the furniture, wall colors, curtains or blinds and you think the bedroom is finally finished? Well, not quite! There are still a few accessories missing to give it character. It's time to discover our children's cushion range in our assortment.

Does your child love nature? We have a range of animal-shaped cushions for your child. Foxes, rabbits or hedgehogs will brighten up his or her room, and don't hesitate to place them on the bed or desk chair - they'll be quickly adopted!

Little boys who love soccer will be delighted to discover our range of cushions in the colors of their favorite team. Shaped like a football or a soccer jersey, these cushions are the perfect accessories to personalize a budding fan's bedroom. Meanwhile, little girls will be dreaming of shopping while resting on a children's cushion in the shape of the Eiffel Tower.

And because children are still children, don't hesitate to offer them cushions that are fun or that reflect the themes and characters of their favorite cartoons, such as The Snow Queen, The Minions or the heroes of adventure films. Extend the magic by buying a matching plaid, to be discovered in our children's textile items.

Your children will love taking their favorite cushion with them on vacations or weekends with their grandparents or friends. It'll be the perfect companion for their best playtime or reading time, and its reassuring presence will help them fall asleep more easily.

Find the right cushion for them

Whatever your choice, whatever your toddlers' tastes, you'll discover the children's cushion from our catalog. Our cushions are particularly hard-wearing and washable, for optimum hygiene.
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