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Crib bumper

The crib bumper is a padded, fabric-covered wall to be placed against the bars of the crib. It allows the child to sleep in complete safety and prevents bumping. These linens are usually coordinated with a matching sleeping bag. Available in a range of sizes, the cot bumper fits both a crib and a 70x140 cm bed.

When you become parents, new priorities are added to your daily routine, such as your baby's comfort, health and well-being. You have to make sure he or she has everything he or she needs. But above all, your newborn's safety is paramount. Of course, you can never be too prepared to welcome the newest member of the family. Fortunately, there are many accessories available today to help parents maximize their protective role. And the cot bumper is one of them. Its purpose: to keep baby safe while he sleeps.

Why buy a crib bumper?

The crib bumper is a very popular accessory. It's on sale in almost every baby accessory store. This popularity is justified. In fact, this baby item is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It creates a warm, personalized space right from the baby's crib. With this secure device, you can prevent your baby from banging his head, leg or arm against the bars of his crib, while at the same time providing him with his own cozy little cocoon.

It can be chosen before or after the birth of your child, and can be matched to his or her other belongings, depending on color, room theme or material. As far as colors are concerned, white, pink and blue are the most popular. The advantage of white is that it's a mixed color, making it suitable for both boys and girls. The bumper pad can be one of the key elements in the decoration of the room, as well as being the piece that will serve to enrich the furnishings present. What's more, it's easy to install, remove and wash.

When to use a crib bumper?

There's no need to rush into installing a cot bumper on baby's bed from birth. In fact, some early childhood specialists recommend waiting until your little one is 2 years old before using this product. However, if your baby starts to move and kick, and runs the risk of wedging between the bars of the crib, don't hesitate: install a crib bumper to protect your baby.

To avoid any risk, make sure you choose one that holds well to the bars, is firm and not too soft, and whose fabric is breathable in case baby sticks his head on it.

Bumper pads in several models

You'll find different styles and models of crib bumper. That's one of the many advantages of this childcare item. You'll find classic, braided and versatile models. All you have to do is think carefully when making your choice, taking all the necessary parameters into account: baby's sex, color harmony, the decorating theme you've chosen or the style you'd like to have.

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