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Online sales of fabric napkins.

White napkin, checkered napkin, embroidered napkin. Ideal for a festive meal with the utmost respect for the art of the table. Purists will banish paper napkins in favor of this more refined table linen. What gourmet restaurant would have the bad taste to set the table with disposable napkins? Creative guests will enjoy folding these napkins into flower or cutlery pouch shapes. Napkins can be coordinated with fabric tablecloths, table runners and tableware. Many colors to choose from in our home linen department.

An essential element of tableware, an attractive napkin adds the finishing touch to the tableware and tablecloth you've carefully chosen. Depending on whether it's disposable or reusable, it can be adapted to the occasion and the effect you want to produce on your guests. Find out how to choose.

Disposables: vary the pleasures

As soon as your guests exceed a certain number, the disposable version becomes an economical solution for entertaining all your loved ones without straining your budget. So, whether you're celebrating a birthday, the festive season or any other important event, the wide variety of models on offer means you can match them to the occasion and give your meals a festive air.

It's also an interesting solution when you want to set a beautiful table on a particular theme, knowing full well that you won't be reusing the decor. It's also a great way to match your family or friends' dining desires to the season, with a floral pattern for a springtime atmosphere, or snow stars on a red background for a winter chalet feel.

What's more, its practicality makes it the ideal companion for picnics in the great outdoors - provided, of course, that you don't leave it out in the wild. More attractive and more cheerful than paper towels, a pack of paper napkins will be a pleasant accompaniment to your lunches on the grass.

Finally, because they are single-use, they are more hygienic than their reusable counterparts.

Textile: refined and comfortable

Chic and elegant, the fabric version can be used to set a table worthy of a top restaurant, providing your guests with comfort and softness. Sold in batches, the many patterns available harmonize with the colors of your tablecloth, allowing for numerous combinations. With a patterned tablecloth, you can choose a plain model in a matching shade, or one with the same design. With a plain tablecloth, on the other hand, give free rein to your imagination!

But beware: more than any other part of your household linen, it is exposed to stains. That's why it's particularly advisable to choose a fabric that's easy to care for and machine-washable. 100% cotton or washed linen are particularly recommended, as they are made from characteristic fibers renowned for being both hard-wearing and soft.

What's more, you don't have to wait for promotions on white to take advantage of great prices all year round on a large stock available for delivery.
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