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The traditional red-checked tea towel remains a classic.

But tea towels with patterns, pictures or polka dots are becoming increasingly popular. Made from cotton, linen or linen blend, tea towels are available in packs of 4, 6 or 12. The terry version is ultra-absorbent, hard-wearing and dirt-repellent. For hygienic care, wash kitchen towels regularly at 90 degrees with pre-wash. Avoid mixing kitchen towels with clothes or other household linen.

We use them several times a day without even thinking about it. For wiping hands, drying dishes... the tea towel is simply indispensable. To make sure it stays with us for a long time, it's essential to choose it with care. There are several criteria to take into account.

Finding the right tea towels

You can buy the first tea towel you come across without even paying attention to its features. A classic model that wipes poorly, tears after a few months' use and is ugly to boot is of little use. But if you don't want that kind of towel, it's better to spend a little more time checking out some very important points to be satisfied with your product.

The first criterion that deserves your attention? The material. You'll find a wide range of tea towels on the market, and therefore a wide range of materials. It's best to choose a noble material, such as cotton or linen. These are the most absorbent materials and therefore the most suitable. Forget synthetic materials, which may often be less expensive, but are far less absorbent. You can also find tea towels in linen/cotton blend. It's the best available, as it's strong and ultra-absorbent.

Before buying a nice model, you should also think about its main use. If you need to wipe a lot of glass, it's best to choose linen. This material is ideal for use on glass surfaces. It leaves no marks and is very soft. So it won't scratch the surface.

Microfibre, which has been around for a few years now, is highly absorbent. This soft material is perfect for finishing dishes, but also for removing dust from clean dishes or kitchen surfaces.

Honeycomb is perfect as a hand towel, as it's a very soft material. Sponge can also be a good alternative for hands.

Cotton is the ideal choice for all uses, as it is suitable for all surfaces.

And don't overlook the grammage. A good tea towel starts at 220 g/m². The 275 g/m² models are to be preferred, as they are very resistant.

The tea towel, a stylish accessory

We don't always think about it, but the tea towel is also an element that will contribute to your decoration. So it's important to take this aspect into account. You can opt for a classic design, white, red, checked...

You can also invest in a jacquard tea towel. These models feature a pattern on both sides thanks to a special weave. You'll find all styles: Nordic, mountain, contemporary... It's an elegant addition to any kitchen.

Play with colors to enhance your kitchen. A nice contrast between tea towels and walls will have the best effect. Don't hesitate to invest in a set of different shades. This way, you'll be able to vary the pleasures of your decor and make it evolve according to your mood.

The tea towel can also be used on the table. Remember to choose colors that match your table linen.

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