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When you have children, it's often difficult to keep a tidy house. Whether in the living room or the bedroom, toys can be strewn about on the floor and carpets, quickly cluttering up the room. However, there are storage solutions that can help even the youngest children to keep things tidy: baskets or boxes adapted to their small size. Here are our top 4 tips for getting your home tidy and orderly again with boxes and baskets.

When tidying up becomes a game

To get children interested and involved in a specific task, especially the youngest, it's a good idea to turn the chore of tidying up into a game. By adopting several boxes of different shapes and sizes, baby can have fun sorting his toys and stuffed animals by color, size or preference. Why not set up several baskets within easy reach of the child, and invite him or her to tidy up as quickly as possible in a race against time? Share a friendly, playful moment with your little one.

A pretty decor for baby's room

You can divert the primary function of boxes and baskets to turn them into furniture optimized for children's use. Two boxes placed side by side, covered with fabric featuring your child's favorite heroes, can be used to create a bench or armchair. By pulling the lids off the boxes, you can store toys, books or even shoes. What's more, boxes, baskets and baskets come in a wide range of colors and materials.

In a streamlined bedroom, a rattan basket in a corner of the room can hold favorite comforters, while a flat white or pink box can be slipped under the bed to store sheets and household linen.

A secure system for the very young

Children's baskets and boxes are generally sold in sets, making it possible to optimize the various spaces in the home and offer several places for storage and organization. Unlike a piece of furniture or a shelf, the size of the basket is adapted to the child's height. This avoids the risk of falls that could injure the baby. What's more, as the boxes are fitted with lids, the risk of pinching a sliding drawer is eliminated.

Versatile storage

Thanks to their volume and great storage capacity, baskets and baskets can hold all kinds of belongings. Of course, one basket can be dedicated to collecting baby's dirty laundry, so that he can learn to own it. Another can hold cuddly toys and other soft toys. Boxes are extremely practical for storing little toys and preventing them from scattering all over the home. You can also store baby's outgrown clothes and belongings, away from dust and damp.

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