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La Redoute services


Your online payment is 100% secure at every stage!

Secure Payment

The server is encrypted and all of the information is (Netscape-SSL-Protokoll).

You can indicate:
• your card number
• card expiry date
• card security code

These details are verified by different authorisation servers: this exchange works to avoid fraud and misuse.

Cancelling your order

When you cancel your order at the point of delivery, you will be asked to show a form of identification and the card used to place the order: an additional means of guaranteeing security !

Security of your details

In order to ensure that your payments are secure, La Redoute uses the services of a third party, OGONE, certified PCI-DSS.
This is a standard of international security that aims to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of cardholder details, and to secure the protection of card and transaction details.

When you place an order by card on La Redoute, our system that registers orders connects in real time with OGONE, the system that collects your details and performs various verifications to avoid fraud and misuse.
OGONE makes the authorisation request with your bank and sends us a transaction number that allows operations up to the amount of the transaction.

In order to debit the account at the point of invoicing or credit the account following the return of merchandise,
OGONE keeps the bank details associated with the authorisation number for as long as it takes to complete the transaction (payments following the shipping of the merchandise) and to process complaints (returns, disputes).

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