Sales Conditions

This website (hereinafter the “Site”) is operated by La Redoute SA, which is registered under the number FR20477180186 with a share captal of 57 844 487,50 Euro. Its registered office is situated at 57 rue de Banchemaille, 59100 ROUBAIX - FRANCE Its intra-community VAT number is FR20477180186.



This website (hereinafter the “Site”) is operated by La Redoute SA, which is registered under the number FR20477180186 with a share captal of 57 844 487,50 Euro. Its registered office is situated at 110 rue de Banchemaille, 59100 ROUBAIX - FRANCE Its intra-community VAT number is FR20477180186.

Hereinafter « LA REDOUTE ».

LA REDOUTE may be contacted by email at the following email address: « ». The communications shall be made by writing either in French or in English.

The website LA REDOUTE.COM is exclusively dedicated to persons who reside in a country where there is no existing La Redoute’s dedicated website (for example in France). In the event where such a website exits, the consumer who will browse through the LA REDOUTE.COM website will automatically be redirected to the dedicated website of his/her Country. Therefore, this consumer will not be able to place an order on the LAREDOUTE.COM website.

These Terms & Conditions (hereinafter the “Terms & Conditions”) shall apply to orders placed on the Site by any natural person who is at least eighteen (18) years old, without business purposes (hereinafter the “User”) wishing to make a purchase on the Site. The User and LA REDOUTE are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties”.

Parties agree that the Terms & Conditions govern exclusively their relationship. LA REDOUTE reserves itself the right to modify the Terms & Conditions at any time. The Parties shall only be bound by the Terms & Conditions which are online the day the order is placed.

LA REDOUTE strives to respect the possible Code of Conduct applicable in the User’s country of residence. Therefore, if one of the selling terms is missing, it would be deemed to be governed by the Customary Practices in force in the mail order industry.



The Terms & Conditions aim to define the selling terms between LA REDOUTE and the User, from the order’s placement until the after-sale services, through payment and delivery. The Terms & Conditions are available in English, French and Polish depending on the User’s choice.

Les caractéristiques essentielles des Produits sont décrites et présentées avec la plus grande exactitude possible.



The Terms & Conditions apply to products which are displayed and indicated as being sold and dispatched by LA REDOUTE (hereinafter the “Products”).

Only the Products which are available on stock are offered.

The Products are described and displayed as accurately as possible. However, in the event of an error or omission, LA REDOUTE shall not be held liable.

Products’ photographs are non-binding.



Products’ prices are displayed in Euros (€) and US Dollars ($), inclusive of Value Added Tax at the rate in force the day the contract is concluded. They also include the possible price reductions applicable the day the order is placed.

This price does not include the delivery charges (shipping and packing costs according to the appropriate tariff). These delivery costs (mentioned at Article 6) shall be indicated on the order form before the order’s confirmation.

The order placed by the User who resides in a country outside the European Customs Union shall be subject to customs duties and/or taxes (this includes possible local taxes) which must be paid by the User. In such a case, the User shall only be charged by LA REDOUTE with the price of his/her order exclusive of tax. Please note that LA REDOUTE is not capable of determining in advance the amount of these taxes. In this respect, the User is advised to contact his/her national Customs Office to check the latest applicable local requirements in his/her country.

The Products’ prices quoted on the Site are valid as long as they are online



4.1 Preliminary identification of the User

In order to place an order, the User has to login in with his/her email address or his/her customer number as well as his/her password. If it is his/her first order, the User shall follow a registration procedure as indicated on the Site.

If the User looses or forgets his/her password, he/she shall ask for it again by logging in to his/her customer account and by clicking on “I’ve forgotten my password”. He/she shall receive it on the email address he/she would have provided at the time he/she had registered.

The User may also contact the Customer Service under the conditions laid down in the Preamble.

4.2 Registration and confirmation of the order

The User shall exclusively place his/her order online, through the Site.

After confirming his/her order, the User shall accept the Terms & Conditions, choose the delivery’s address and finally confirm his/her payment. This final step amounts to the completion of the sale contract between LA REDOUTE and the User.

By placing an order, the User agrees on the Products’ prices and description offered for sale. Any complaint about this shall intervene through the exercise of the right of withdrawal and through the legal and contractual guarantees as mentioned below.

LA REDOUTE reserves itself the right to freeze the User’s order in the event of a non-payment, an incorrect (shipping) address or any other problems occurring on his/her account until the problem is solved.

If the Product which has been ordered and paid is unavailable from stock (temporary unavailability or sold-out), the User shall receive an e-mail informing him/her of this unavailability. If the Product is sold-out, it shall be cancelled and removed from the order and the User shall be fully refunded. However, the rest of the order shall remain firm and final.

For any inquiry relating to an order’s tracking, the User shall check his/her customer account on the Site or contact the Customer Service under the conditions laid down in the Preamble. After receiving the email confirming his/her order’s dispatch, the User can track it on the UPS’ website under the conditions laid down in Article 6 (Delivery).

4.3 Order’s acknowledgement by LA REDOUTE

LA REDOUTE shall acknowledge the User’s order by email sent to the email address which he/she would have previously provided.



The User shall pay his/her purchase online exclusively:

- by payment card: Blue cards, e-cards, Visa, Mastercard. The User’s bank account shall be deducted once the item has been dispatched. Only the price of the actual dispatched Products shall be deducted.

If the Product is temporary sold out or unavailable, the deduction of the User’s payment card shall occur once the items have actually been dispatched.

- with his/her PayPal account: By choosing to pay with his/her PayPal account, the User shall automatically be redirected to his/her PayPal’s account. Once his/her PayPal payment confirmed, the User will be able to put an end to his/her order on the Site. The User’s PayPal account shall be deducted straight after the final confirmation of the order.

The User may be charged with the possible extra costs caused by the utilization of a foreign payment card. He/she shall be advised to contact his/her bank in order to get information about the exchange rates and/or exchange rate commissions likely to be in force.

In any case, LA REDOUTE guarantees the payments’ confidentiality and security which the User would have made, by using the SSL system. (Secure Socket Layer). In an attempt to prevent any fraud, the User is expressly informed that his/her bank details will not, at no point, be asked to him/her via email.



Before browsing through the Site, the User will have to choose his/her country of delivery. If the User wishes to get more information about countries and costs of delivery, he/she is advised to visit the “Worldwide delivery” section situated on the Site’s homepage.

However, if the User resides in one of the countries where LA REDOUTE is already operating an e-commerce website, he/she has to use the said website in order to make his/her purchase. In this respect, Products offered on the Site are not available in the following countries: Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Korea, Lebanon, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.

In order to deliver the User’s orders, LA REDOUTE works closely with UPS Company. The User shall receive an email informing him/her that his/her parcel has been dispatched. Delivery times may vary between two (2) and five (5) days, but cannot exceed thirty (30) days.

The User is able to track his/her order by clicking on the appropriate link, indicated in the acknowledgement email he/she will have received. Then, he/she will be redirected to UPS Company’s website where he/she will be asked to enter his/her tracking number (indicated on the email of acknowledgement) .

The parcel shall be delivered to the delivery address provided by the User. UPS officers shall go to the User’s place up to three times in order to deliver the parcel. If the User does not take delivery of the parcel after the officers had come three times, they shall try to contact the User by phone or by email. If the officers do not hear back from the User within 48 hours, the User’s order shall automatically be send back to LA REDOUTE.

the country of delivery. Shipping fees(price in Euros
including VAT)
Delivery time
Malta, Republic of Ireland 2,90 5 to 7 days
Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Netherlands, Slovak Republic 8,90 5 to 7 days
USA, Canada, Hong-Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey 9,90 5 to 7 days
Rest of the world* 12,90 5 to 7 days


The User may withdrawal from the contract within thirty (30) days beginning on the day he/she received his/her parcel. In this respect, the User is entitled to get a full refund of his/her order’s price. He/ she does not have to justify his/her wish to cancel but he/she shall fill the return form attached to his/her invoice. He/she shall only bear the direct costs of returning the goods, unless otherwise stated in the User’s country of residence.

LA REDOUTE commits itself to refund the User as quickly as possible, at the latest within thirty (30) days beginning on the day LA REDOUTE receives the returned order. In any case, LA REDOUTE shall refund the costs of the item using the same method by which the User paid for them. Thus, if the User paid by payment card, LA REDOUTE shall credit the sum back to his/her (bank) account. If the User used his/her PayPal account to proceed with the payment, his/her PayPal account shall be credited again.

If the User needs more information about his/her rights and how to exercise them, he/she is advised to visit the “Returning the goods to us” section on the Site’s homepage. If he/she resides in a country outside the European Union, he/she shall provide to the carrier with the appropriate documents to the parcel’s re-import. (See the “returning the goods to us” section for more information). If the User lives in a country within the European Union, he will have to return the order by his/her own means and at his/her expense (unless otherwise stated). He/she can choose the transporter he/she likes to do so (local postal services, UPS, DHL etc). However, in the event where the User refuses to take delivery of his/her order (if the parcel is damaged for instance), the latter shall be sent back to LA REDOUTE, via UPS. In this case, the User shall not bear the costs of returning the goods and shall be fully refunded.

If the User lives in a country outside the European Union, he will have to bear the customs duties due at the delivery time; the goods passing through territories in DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid). If he/she wants to return his/her order, the User shall go to the offices of the transporter he/she would have chosen ( local postal services for example) and fill an export form. He/she shall then be asked to indicate the item’s country of origin (manufacturing countries displayed on the item’s label: “made in”), its price and the appropriate incoterm DDU: Delivery Duty Unpaid. The User shall bear the costs of returning the goods but not the export duties.



All the products sold by LA REDOUTE are subject to strict quality controls. However and despite our great care, some items might turn to be defective.

In such an event, the User is kindly asked to return the said items within thirty (30) days of the parcel’s receipt, specifying the type of defect on the return form attached to the invoice.

Furthermore, the User enjoys the statutory protection of the Consumer law in force in his/her country which may be more favourable.

Certain items are subject to a contractual guarantee which is more favourable than the legal one. For instance, the items labelled “Valeur sure” and those labelled “Best” are guaranteed that they do not suffer from any manufacturing defect respectively for 6 months and one year.

For any queries, the User is advised to call the Customer Service under the conditions laid down in the Preamble.



The online supply of the User’s card number as well as the confirmation of his/her order shall amount to an evidence of the entire order. This also makes the price of the items (as quoted on the form order) immediately due.

This confirmation amounts to a signature and express acceptance of all the transactions completed on the Site. However, in the event of a fraudulent use of his/her bank card, the User is advised to contact LA REDOUTE’s Customer Service as soon as he/she discovers this fraud, by contacting

The computerized records, stored in computerized systems of LA REDOUTE and of its partners under reasonable conditions of security, shall be deemed to be evidences of communications, orders and payments which occurred between the parties.

The archiving of forms order and invoices is made on a reliable and sustainable format in order to comply with the requirement of sustained and loyal copy under French Civil law.



LA REDOUTE commits itself to describe and display as accurately as possible every product sold on the Site. However, LA REDOUTE cannot be held liable where the failure to perform its obligations is due to an unforeseeable and insurmountable event caused by a third party to the contract or by a case of force majeure.

Similarly, LA REDOUTE cannot be held liable for any inconvenient or damages caused by the use of the Internet network, i.e. an interruption of the service, an external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses.

LA REDOUTE cannot be held liable for the breach of any provision which would be in force in the User's country, towards which it would not have actively targeted its activities, via marketing operations



All the content you see and hear on the Site including underlying technology, are protected under copyright, trademarks or patents.

Trademarks, logos and models which are displayed on the Site belong solely and exclusively to LA REDOUTE. Their disclosure does not amount to a license granted by LA REDOUTE or a right to use any of the said trademarks and distinctive features protected under a copyright. Thus they cannot be utilised without being counterfeit.

Thus, it is strictly forbidden to copy, reproduce, download, post, transfer or distribute any document which comes from the Site, in any ways.

However, this shall be authorized under the following circumstances: it is possible to download a copy of these documents on a computer for a strictly personal and non-commercial use provided that the User does not change the information and keep the copyrights and other proprietary notices intact. The modification or the misuse of these documents amounts to a breach of the Intellectual Property rights of LA REDOUTE.

Where a User, who has his/her own website (for a non-commercial use), wishes to include a link to the homepage of the Site, he/she shall be obliged to seek the authorisation of LA REDOUTE before doing so. This shall not amount to an implicit this shall not amount to a transfer or assignment of right, title or interest in any content or materials.

However, any hypertext link to the Site which utilises the “framing” and the “in-line linking” techniques is strictly forbidden. In any case, any link may be removed on simple request of La Redoute.



Collection, treatment and archiving of personal data:

In an attempt to perform efficiently its obligations, LA REDOUTE must collect certain personal information about the User (surname, first name, email address and home address).

By giving to LA REDOUTE his/her email address, the User will be able to receive an email acknowledging his/her orders. LA REDOUTE is obliged by the law to check the accuracy and ensure the updating of the personal data that it had collected. Therefore, the User is entitled to access, modify and delete his/her personal information.

The User is informed that this automatic data processing, (especially the management of email addresses), has been declared to XXX .

A REDOUTE strives to ensure the confidentiality and security of the data transmitted on the Web. In this respect, please note that the website utilises a secure payment mode, called Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

In an attempt to train our Customer’s service and for quality’s monitoring purposes, please note that certain phone calls may be recorded. Further, certain data may be processed in Switzerland for the management of Users calls purposes.

Subscription to the newsletter:

Depending on his/her choice made at the registration stage, the User may receive commercial offers from LA REDOUTE as business partners, via emails, telephone or text messages as specified at the time of the registration. The User may change his/her minds at any time by going to the section “My space/ I modify my personal data/ LA REDOUTE newsletter” where he/she shall tick “ I am not interested in the commercial offers and I do no longer wish to receive them”.

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The Terms & Conditions are governed and construed in accordance with French law. Contracts concluded through the Site as well as any dispute arising out from them shall be governed by French law. An amicable solution (through an ombudsman system) shall be considered before any judicial remedies. In the event where this solution would fail, the French Tribunals shall have a non-exclusive jurisdiction to hear these disputes. However, this provision shall not deprive the European consumers from their national statutory rights.