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Product reviews written by our customers are marked with stars. These are collected in our 9 countries and languages. Our studies show that 88% of customers read these reviews.


La Redoute is committed to the authenticity of customer reviews. The opinions posted only correspond to certified purchases. The customer can only rate a product if they have purchased the item.

We are also committed to not modifying our reviews, displaying the most recent reviews first, making all customer reviews accessible on the product pages and giving the customer the option to withdraw their review if they choose.

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All La Redoute customer reviews are administered by Bazaarvoice, our trusted third-party partner. This partner guarantees total authenticity and impartiality in the publication of reviews written by our customers (which is why La Redoute employees are not authorised to leave a review themselves).

Bazaarvoice has a highly qualified team that works on moderating reviews (the process prior to posting a review, to ensure compliance with the publication charter).

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Quality of reviews

Providing quality reviews is our priority. Thanks to our partner, only reviews that do not comply with the publication charter are refused: no comments are deleted based on their content being negative, or their rating is bad.

When it comes to a product review: it can also be rejected if it only mentions customer service or delivery issues, as this is not related to the product itself and therefore not beneficial to help the customer to find out more.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to view our services pages, or get in touch.
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Why give your opinion?

To help us improve

Thanks to your feedback, our teams can take your opinions into account, this allows us to perfect our collections over the seasons and offer products that best meet your expectations and requirements.

Improvement of the Tipi Kids Bed (La Redoute Interiors)

“Quick assembly, top packing of parts. Looks great! Only problem is the box spring creaks." (27/9/2018)

"Thank you for your feedback! Thanks to your comments and those of other parents, we have made an improvement in the design of the Tipi bed to help with the creaking box springs. It improves kids sleep and makes parents happy too!"

Carine, Product Manager

Help the community

Leaving your review also means being part of the La Redoute community, each review counts and helps guide future visitors. You are in the best position to talk about our products. You know best!

Your comments provide genuine help for others, share your shopping experience with the community!

How to give your opinion?

Only buyers are entitled to leave a review on our platforms. Once your package has been received, we will invite you by email within 15 days to leave your review of a product.

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