Blue tablecloth

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Your dream product happens to be a blue tablecloth?

The color of the sky and sea comes in an infinite variety of shades. With this elegant, high-quality linen, invite it into your home to bring a touch of freshness, well-being and serenity to your dining table.

Lengths are not a problem on the site, for example the product "Diamond polycotton printed tablecloth" is available in 170x300 cm, 180x350 cm, 170x170 cm, 140x140 cm, 150x250 cm and 140x240 cm. We have a total of 2158 positive product reviews for 'tablecloth blue'. "Aurélie" says "Linen is a superb fiber, the prussian blue color is just gorgeous, suitable for a chic table when ironed and rather bohemian easy care. It's easy to care for, but I still put the tablecloth in a wash bag", and gives us an excellent rating. Inexpensive, robust or plush, polyester, linen or cotton compositions have their own unique characteristics. Make your purchase according to your expectations.
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