Shirred dress

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A pleated dress for women?

Long or short, these pleated, draped garments can be worn for special occasions or everyday wear. Matched with heels, these elegant garments are perfect for formal wear. With sneakers and a denim jacket, they become contemporary and casual.

Do you want the best for your wardrobe? Our specialists are proud to introduce you to specialist brands such as Cyrillus, Etam and Boohoo Curve. For 9 product reviews, we've collected a rating of 5. By submitting a wonderful review for La Redoute and stating: "Very good product as pictured, good fit, flowing fabric", "Didailler85" proves that our regulars don't regret their purchase. On the other hand, select the shade that will enhance your wardrobe. Drops, green, caramel or cherry will make you feel unique!
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