Organic 100% Cotton Duvet Cover

Colour White
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Organic 100% Cotton Duvet Cover

Made with organic cotton, produced without the use of pesticides or chemical products, this duvet cover plays a part in safeguarding both our planet and our health.Available in a range of plain hot or cool colours, you can mix and match this simple organic duvet cover, or coordinate your bed linen to suit the changing seasons.

Materials: Densely woven 100% organic cotton
Product details: Envelope-style opening
Care: Washable at 60°.

Available sizes:
140 x 200 cm (Single)
200 x 200 cm (Double)
240 x 220 cm (King)
260 x 240 cm (King)

The Oeko-Tex® label guarantees that the items tested and certified do not contain any harmful substances that could be detrimental to the health.
Colour White, Beige, Taupe brown, Dark grey, Pearl grey, Nordic blue, Corn yellow, Moss green, Terracotta, Grey-pink, Petrol blue, Sage green, Clover
Size DOUBLE (200 x 200cm), SINGLE (140 x 200cm), KING (240 x 220cm), SUPERKING (260 x 240cm)
Organic 100% Cotton Duvet Cover  - SCENARIO
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Organic 100% Cotton Duvet Cover - SCENARIO
Rating : (17 reviews) 4 average
  • Review 1 of 17
    Great product
    Bought this single cover 2 weeks ago for my daughter - because it is organic - really pleased with it - now going to order double ones for the rest of us
  • Review 2 of 17
    Organic lover
    Very difficult to put om
    I had been very happy to find a reasonably priced duvet cover. However, the opening to put the duvet in was tiny and it made it very difficult to do. I’m not strong and it took great effort to do. A flap is fine entrybi fine, but should be bigger. It seems to be approx 60 cms.
  • Review 3 of 17
    I absolutely love all the bedding from this range. It is expensive but in my opinion totally worth it. I wasn't too impressed when it arrived. It looked ok but felt a bit thin and flimsy. Then we washed it. It dried fairly fast. Then we lay on it. WOW. It feels fresh yet warms up quickly, it is soft but doesn't overheat you. It just feels amazing. We are planning on getting some more and switching to this bedding only. LOVE it.
  • Review 4 of 17
    kfaulk Ormskirk, United Kingdom
    great quality
    Great quality for organic cotton and good value. I would like to see more organic duvet covers with patterns on in the catalogue.
  • Review 5 of 17
    Ginny Brighton, United Kingdom
    Very satisfied.
    I`m very pleased with my new duvet cover, nice cool cotton, soft colour, just what I wanted.
  • Review 6 of 17
    KiaOraRach London, United Kingdom
    Pic doesn't show true colour-nordic blue is green
    I was surprised to receive a green duvet cover, it was the colour of NHS surgical theatre linen, not the dusky blue colour shown in the photo. I wasn't quite sure what an envelope style opening was and assumed it meant like a pillowcase but in reality it means there is a sleeve that hangs out of the bottom of the cover through which you insert the duvet into the cover. I assume the sleeve is then tucked under the mattress. I didn't actually put the duvet in the cover to try it out as we wanted a blue cover not green and regardless my husband likes to have the duvet pulled up over his feet so tucking it in would not have worked for us either. Otherwise the quality was fine, the return service was simple and the refund received promptly. Hence the 3 star rating.
  • Review 7 of 17
    Jason Cheltenham, United Kingdom
    Chemical smell
    I have been buying organic untreated cotton, including Oeko Tex standard, for nigh on 2 decades. This is the first time I've smelt some kind of easy treatment chemical odour whilst drying after the first wash. I use Ecover Zero washing powder so it's not that. Being chemically sensitive I know immediately if something isn't chemical free. This isn't in my opinion.
  • Review 8 of 17
    crisp & basic
    the opening was a bit funny, too small for fitting in duvet easily. the texture was alright for me, crisp cotton touch.
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Duvet and duvet cover
US equivalent single single plus double king super king
Size in cm 140 x 200 150 x 200 160 x 210 200 x 200 240 x 220 260 x 240
Size in inches 55 x 79" 59 x 83" 79 x 79" 94,5 x 86,5" 102 x 94,5"
Sheet and fitted sheet
US equivalent Cradle Baby bed Bunk bed Single Long Single Wide Long Single Three-Quarter Double Double Plus King Size King Size Plus
Fitted sheet size in cm 40 x 80 60 x 120 80 x 190 90 x 190 90 x 200 105 x 200 120 x 190 140 x 190 150 x 190 160 x 200 180 x 200
Fitted sheet size in inches 31.5 x 75" 35.5 x 75" 35.5 x 79" 41 x 79" 47 x 75" 55 x 75" 59 x 75" 63 x 79" 71 x 79"
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