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A sculpting body to refine and sculpt your figure

For centuries, women have used their undergarments to enhance their femininity and shape their curves. A worthy successor to the corset or girdle, the sculpting bodysuit is now more comfortable and very glamorous. To help you find the perfect piece to slim your figure, we've selected a wide range of sculpting bodysuits for women. Incorporating a bra, with or without underwiring depending on the model chosen, the sculpting bodysuit offers excellent support for the bust while refining the waistline. Made from slimming fabrics, the sculpting bodysuit flattens the tummy and reduces love handles, while shaping curves with femininity. Under a dress, sculpting lingerie is ideal for enhancing the buttocks and smoothing out the tummy. To wear with any outfit, we offer sculpting bodies in black, flesh or white. Discover our selection of slimming belts and sculpting briefs, ideal for flattening the tummy effortlessly. With our range of plus-size sculpting bodysuits, you'll be sure to find the size that suits you, while enjoying underwear that's as glamorous as it is feminine.
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