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For two generations, Dim women's tights have been dressing and sheathing women's legs while enhancing their beauty. This French brand has been on the market since the 50s and is the second best-selling brand in the world. It was able to ride the wave of shortening skirts and make its mark in the sixties. It is constantly renewing itself, and has even dared to launch a line for men. Its models, designed and created with cutting-edge materials, are exported all over the world. The brand is not only famous for its tights, but also for its stockings. Our La Redoute site devotes a page to Dim stockings and tights, which come in very short price ranges, just like the dresses and skirts that cover them.Selecting from the shortest to the longest, you'll first find practical knee-highs that promote blood circulation. They can be worn under long pants or skirts for unparalleled comfort. Longer are Dim Up hold-ups, very select and sexy with lace or a discreet fastening band. They'll ensure your legs are a success in every situation, and at unbeatable prices. You'll love the classic sun-kissed voile tights, the resistant Sublim tights or the opaque Dim Body Touch tights, ideal partners for the off-season. Those nostalgic for seamed tights can purchase Dim Signature on our page. Dim also offers more specific ranges, such as Dim Slimming tights, which can be worn at night to help you wake up feeling slimmer, or during the day to keep your figure shapely, or Dim plus size tights. The Dim brand is also part of the new leggings and treggings trend, offering models with animal-skin or denim effects. With Dim tights, you'll never go out of style!
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