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The ideal beach bag for vacations

Summer is here, and with it the return of your favorite accessory: the beach bag. Both practical and trendy, this essential will be part of your daily routine, so choose wisely. Ideal for vacations, it's a simple way to carry all your belongings: beach towel, sun cream, sunglasses, flip-flops, swimsuit... they all have to fit in your bag. Choose an XXL size, sturdy material and compartments to store and organize your belongings. There are a number of shapes to choose from: the tote bag, a real tote bag of varying sizes, is the most classic form of beach bag. The shopper, often made of leather or raffia, is more elegant. The beach basket, resealable or not, often made of wicker or straw, is perfect for carrying the whole family's belongings or your picnic to eat by the sea. The clutch bag is also getting in on the summer trend, swapping its usual leather for fabric or straw. Beach bags are often made of fabric, so dare to be original! Patterned, colored, plain or in waterproof canvas, succumb to your fashion desires. The way it's carried will also be a criterion of choice: when carried by hand, a pretty, comfortable handle is essential. When worn on the shoulder, the length of the handle is also important. For a total summer look, pair your bag with a hat and espadrilles, also available on our site.

Choose your practical, designer beach bag

When you're on vacation, you too like to sport the latest fashion accessory, while taking up as little space as possible. The beach bag will quickly become your summer darling, being both practical and stylish, and you'll be proud to show it off. Characteristic materials are in the spotlight: wicker, canvas, raffia or even burlap, you'll find the beach bag that's right for you in our selection. A small (or large!) beach bag makes it easy to slip your bath sheet and sunscreen into. Lightweight and practical, it comes in sparkling colors or with a nautical spirit. You may even fall for the basket version, with its rope handles that make it a real fashion accessory. For the ultimate vacation look, our selection includes beach bags in colorful prints with a bohemian or country feel: printed flowers and other tropical motifs are sure to catch your eye. There's a beach bag for every mood, outfit and style.

The beach bag follows you everywhere, even in town

The beach bag is becoming so chic and practical that it's becoming an essential accessory to take everywhere, even into town. What could be more practical than going straight from the beach to a stroll in town, without changing bags? Large beach bags allow you to store your make-up bag and accessories on one side, and your wallet and other belongings on the other. Very stylish and chic, the boho-chic basket-style beach bag is very trendy even for going to the office, and perfectly complements your summer outfit. Fancy a picnic in the park? The isothermal version of the beach bag will be your ally for a no-holds-barred outing in style. Forget the old-fashioned image of your parents' isothermal bag, and opt for a stylish bag with modern, colorful prints to liven up your outfit. Whatever your tastes, all you have to do is make your choice.
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