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Wooden and designer chairs

A key piece of interior design furniture, the chair is as utilitarian as it is decorative. They generally match the dining room or kitchen table, but can also be purchased individually or in sets of 4, 6 or 8 chairs. Whether it's a fabric chair with Louis Philippe-style armrests, a high-backed chair or a wooden peasant chair with a wicker seat, this essential piece of furniture is sure to set the mood in any interior. This online furniture store delivers chairs to your door by appointment.

An essential piece of furniture for any living space, chairs come in a rich variety of forms, easily adaptable to your interiors and needs. But which chair should you choose?

Chairs for every purpose

In this category, you'll find a selection of chairs in a variety of designs, to suit your needs and desires. For bedrooms or other child-friendly environments, for example, you'll discover chairs specially designed for youngsters, with playful, colorful designs.

If your chairs are regularly used by different occupants, consider the adjustable office chairs on our site. These chairs are also ideal if you want to standardize the chairs in your workspace, with no constraints on seat size or height.

Wide selection of materials

Choose from a range of chair materials available on the website. For outdoor use, take a look at the range of high-quality plastic chairs that can withstand all weathers. Because they're so light, plastic chairs are easy to move and store. The transparency of certain seats also means they blend in perfectly with any environment, and won't weigh down your interior decor.

For added refinement, you'll find chairs in fabric, leather, velvet or metal. With or without armrests, upholstered or not, the choice is yours. You can do your bit for the environment by choosing chairs made from recycled wood or wood from sustainably managed forests.

For originality, you can choose backless chairs. Some are designed with a particularly high seat, making them ideal for use on high counters, for example.

Fulfilling the dual function of storage and seating, storage poufs will enable you to optimize the space in your home. In the same spirit of space optimization, you'll find table and chair sets on the site that fit neatly under the table, transforming your table into a convivial space in a simple gesture.

Combine business with pleasure with sets of chairs

For offices, or simply to standardize your furniture, chair sets are available on the site. You'll find as wide a choice as for individual chairs, with a wide range of colors and materials. To make your search easier, you can sort the available sets by size.

For even more practicality, you can sort chair sets according to stackability, foldability and the number of chairs you want in your set.

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When you choose a set of chairs, you're sure to get a unique look for your interior decoration, whether it's for your workspace, your outdoors, or your indoors.

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