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The umbrella stand: multiple benefits for your home

The umbrella stand is an original gift for someone who's just moved in. Practical, it's the perfect companion to the coat rack. It lets you store umbrellas, whether your own or those of your guests. So you always know where it is, and never lose it. As well as being a practical element of your interior, it also fulfills an aesthetic function. Depending on the model, it adds a touch of originality and whimsy, or elegance and classic style. Integrated into a storage space or generally in the entrance, the umbrella stand is a real organizer. Thanks to its water recuperator, it can also be used as a drip tray after a rainy outing. To avoid flooding or soiling your interior, this is the accessory you need. Made of fiberglass, with a plastic base or steel frame, the umbrella stand will be in your home for a long time.

Adapt the style of your umbrella stand to your décor

Umbrella stands come in a wide variety of shapes. It can be round, square or rectangular, it can have a flared top or a minimalist style. They can be made of wicker, plastic or black metal, depending on your taste. It can be transparent and discreet, or extravagant and striking. The choice depends on your interior design. An iron model with a modern motif is preferable if you want to add a trendy, urban touch to your apartment or loft. For a more poetic and elegant style, choose a brass umbrella stand with floral motifs. Add a touch of whimsy to your hall by opting for an umbrella stand in the shape of an umbrella. This designer model is sure to put a smile on the faces of all your guests.

Once you've finished furnishing your home, it's time to start decorating. You can let all your desires speak for themselves, so that your interior reflects your image and tastes.

So why not add a decorative touch with a practical umbrella stand?

The umbrella stand: decorative and practical

The umbrella stand has been around since the 19th century, and spread rapidly across Europe. The original idea was to avoid wetting the floors of your guests or administrations when it was pouring outside and your umbrella was soaked. An object of decorum, its practical function was then adopted everywhere, and today you'll find them at the entrance to many stores and offices.

So why not install one in your home? More than just a practical element to keep your floors from getting wet in the event of rain or snow, the umbrella stand is now available in a wide range of models to match your interior design.

Designs to suit every environment

Whether your house or apartment is decorated in minimalist tones or you're looking for a slightly original umbrella stand, you'll find the model to suit you.

This object is available in a multitude of materials such as solid wood, metal, imitation leather or marble, to really suit everyone and fit in perfectly with your decor.

For a slightly retro feel, choose a cast-iron umbrella stand, ideal because its weight will easily support several umbrellas without faltering. Its appearance is reminiscent of the homes of yesteryear, often decorated with cast-iron objects.

If you love the rococo atmosphere of films such as Gatsby the Magnificent, you'll love a ceramic umbrella stand in a variety of colors and patterns that will brighten up your living space and give it a vintage feel: white and gold, blue and silver, black and gold, decorated with multicolored birds, and so on. The effect will be guaranteed with your guests and your home will be superbly decorated.

Last but not least, the combination of metal and marble (black and grey or gold and white) can also lend an old-fashioned, elegant atmosphere to your entrance hall or living room, while providing space for several umbrellas.

If you prefer the rustic look of wood, solid walnut or willow umbrella stands are also available. More compact and discreet, their removable PVC tray allows you to remove the water so as not to damage them over time.

And if metal is your material of choice for a more industrial ambience, there are plenty of models to suit your interior: in stainless steel with an aged silver finish, in brass or iron, the designs are all more beautiful than the others to decorate your home. Models in imitation leather are also perfect for a chic touch.

Coat rack combination

If you're looking to save space in your hallway, you can also opt for a coat rack combined with an umbrella stand.

These highly decorative objects, made of solid beech wood and sometimes combined with metal, are ideal for hanging jackets or coats on their pegs, and for storing umbrellas in their specially designed bases.

For a very retro ambience, these will be your best assets.

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