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Need soft, subdued light to warm the atmosphere or decorate your terrace? Need practical, high-performance lighting for camping under the stars? Would you like to mark out your garden path with a light equipped with a motion detector to save energy and reduce light pollution?

In your La Redoute catalog, you'll find all our lantern selection ranges, from the most decorative to the most practical.

Paper lanterns, metal lanterns, solar-powered lanterns, wooden lanterns, bamboo lanterns or glass lanterns, you'll find just the right decoration to brighten up your space at night.

Choosing lanterns for outdoor decoration

When you think of lanterns, it's easy to imagine a meal with friends, on a terrace, beautifully decorated with various lanterns or colored lamps that diffuse a subdued light.

Lanterns come in many shapes and styles. The most traditional are those made of glass and metal, which open to the side to safely hold a candle. Others, like kerosene lamps, have original shapes.

Lanterns are available in a wide range of materials to match your decor: wood, bamboo... and from white to black, as well as the whole palette of possible colors.

Some lanterns are delicately crafted, with openwork designs that cast pure shadows around them.

If you're in a sunny region, solar lanterns can be a great way to save on candles.

LED lanterns give the illusion of a real candlestick lantern, while being more economical.

Soft lights in my home

For romantic evenings, receptions or weddings, paper Chinese lamps are a beautiful addition to any room at night. They gently illuminate the room. They create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

To brighten up a dark corner in a room, such as a children's bedroom, you can invest in pretty string lights. Choose a warm white LED garland to create a welcoming atmosphere. It can also be used as a nightlight for your little one.

String garlands come in the form of spheres, stars and animals, perfectly suited to the ambience of your home.

To guarantee your safety and that of your loved ones, La Redoute guarantees that all its products comply with current standards.

The smart and useful camping lamp

The camping lamp, available in your La Redoute catalog, features powerful lighting. The lantern, meanwhile, offers 360° lighting, ideal for nights under the stars or for moving around at night without being hampered by darkness.

Usable with conventional batteries, the camping lamp is lightweight, portable and has a very long runtime.

In our catalog, you'll find all the lamps and lanterns you need at unbeatable prices.

Thanks to La Redoute, don't stay up all night! Thanks to La Redoute's advantages, you can benefit from 30-day returns and free delivery to your usual relay point.

Deco lanterns

The lantern brings a warm glow to the living room or a festive table. On the terrace, the lantern can be used as an outdoor lamp. These small, electricity-free lights use tea lights, a kind of small round candle. Ideal for oriental-style decor, a Moroccan lantern will light up summer nights with a subtle flame. Decorative lanterns sold individually or in sets of 2 or 3.

Ideal for illuminating gardens or creating a romantic ambience, the glass lantern is an essential decorative accessory. This refined lamp can be used outdoors or indoors. Fitted with a sturdy leather handle, it's easy to carry. Lighting is provided by a classic candle or LED inside. The transparent glass walls reflect the light perfectly, totally transforming the landscape. Our metal-reinforced lanterns can be placed along a walkway to create an exceptional setting. Surprise your guests for a themed evening with these lanterns of simple, uncluttered design. They can be used as table centerpieces, along walls or on shelves, depending on the desired effect. With an opening at the front, they're easy to clean. The sturdy base can be placed on any type of support. Available in two sizes, this candle lantern can be used with either long or short candles. For an even more eye-catching, multi-colored effect, use luminaries of any color and place your candles on reflective mirror holders.

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