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Luggage for young and old

In this luggage department, you'll find a vast collection of top-brand backpacks and suitcases. Lafuma travel bags, Samsonite ultra-light suitcases, Puma sports bags, Barbie or Spider Man satchels for children. Find hand luggage and rolling luggage for the whole family at La Redoute. Whether it's for a business trip, a vacation at the end of the world, a trip to the pool or carrying school books, these trendy, easy-to-wear pieces of luggage will keep your belongings safe in any mobile situation. From wardrobe to length of stay, there are a number of things to consider when buying a suitcase. So it's a good idea to call on an expert to help you make the right choice, so that everything is in order for you. The first thing to do when buying a suitcase is to know what you need. Make sure yours is of good quality and adapted to your travel habits, whether in terms of modes of transport, the duration of your trip or the climate of your destination, which will influence the volume of clothes you'll need to carry with you. Suitcase size and available options are another feature to consider when buying a suitcase. Most major manufacturers offer a range of suitcase sizes, up to XXL. The size of the suitcase will enable you to find models that suit your habits and lifestyle. In some cases, it is preferable to buy a smaller suitcase to avoid problems of excess weight and lack of space. Compact suitcases tend to be easier to store in your trunk, as they are smaller and are generally easier to transport in airplane cabins. Popular brands, such as Samsonite and Heritage, increasingly offer models to suit all needs and requirements. The most commonly used suitcases are carry-on suitcases, as they are easier to transport than hand luggage. They can hold clothes and precious items for a trip or an adventure in a particular country. We also offer travel bags, which are ideal for transporting different types of products, such as fragile objects, jewelry and other items. They can also be placed in a standard luggage compartment, or you can find lighter models. It's always preferable to choose bags that can easily be placed in a luggage compartment, to protect your contents and avoid the headaches of packing your luggage when you leave on vacation. You'll also find carts on our site, very useful for shopping or going to the market.
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