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Warm up your evenings with a cozy quilt

Complementing your comforter or warming yourself on the sofa, a quilt is an essential companion for cool evenings. Our selection includes models filled with synthetic fibers and goose-down quilts. Depending on your use, you can choose to match your bed linen or your living room decor. Our printed eiderdowns bring a touch of color to your home. Some of our quilts are embroidered or adorned with fancy pompons, making them a real eye-catcher. Choose a quilt with a front and back in different colors, and double the possibilities of matching! Already colorful interiors are more likely to welcome a plain quilt, enhanced by discreet quilting. Most of our models are in cotton, but we also offer a few velvet quilts for even more softness. Used as a plaid on the sofa, or to double up as a blanket at the foot of the bed, the quilt will quickly become an indispensable element of comfort. If you choose a quilt large enough, it can also be used as an extra comforter to welcome your guests.
The bedroom is an undisputed place of relaxation for everyone. Furnishing it contributes considerably to the well-being of those who sleep there. That's why it's so important to choose the right accessories. From the colors to the dimensions of your bed and pillows. So many parameters to take into account to enhance your moments of relaxation. The quilt is one of the elements you should pay attention to.

Why use a quilt?

A quilt is usually used on a bed. It works like a comforter. Unlike a comforter, however, it's not very long, so it doesn't extend over the sides of your bed. Its main function is to decorate your bed and provide a little warmth. If you'd like to dress up your bedspread to give it more originality, don't hesitate to buy this type of item. The quilt is an almost indispensable piece for your bedroom, particularly for adding softness. Its price will vary according to the model you choose. Among these models, you'll find inflatable quilts. They are available in several styles. A puffy quilt is made with a cotton cover and filled with down or feathers. For added warmth, the proportion must be high.

Choosing your quilt

When choosing your quilt, you'll need to pay attention to certain details. Whether it's the material, the components, the colors, and so on. As a general rule, buyers prefer white, as it's a color that suits most environments. If your room uses very light colors, it's a good idea to use one or two light colors you've already used. Do the same for a room with darker tones. As for the material, there are several to choose from for quilts: cotton, velvet, linen and so on. The choice is wide and should therefore suit your primary needs. You'll also find characteristic and synthetic comforters. The former are often stronger and warmer. The latter are more affordable and easier to maintain. Last but not least, you'll find a wide range of materials, including wool and silk comforters.

Where to place your quilt?

Obviously, a quilt belongs in a bedroom and on a bed. However, there are also quilts for sofas. So you can choose a model to suit either your bedroom or your living room. For your quilt to have the right dimensions, they need to match those of your mattress. Quilt covers are available in a variety of materials and colors. You'll need to take into account the harmony of the environment in which you place your quilt. As for the quilt on your armchair, you should be aware that it won't completely cover your sofa - the same principle applies as for your bed. To add a touch of originality to your quilt, you may prefer models with tassels.
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