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Add style to your chairs with our patties

Chairs are indispensable pieces of furniture, found in every interior. They are present in kitchens and dining rooms, and bear witness to family meals, grand receptions and even children's homework.

Chairs are often subjected to heavy use, so they need to be strong and durable. That's why chairs are often made of solid wood or, more recently, steel.

But these materials are anything but comfortable, and if you don't want your guests to desert the table as soon as the last mouthful is swallowed, we advise you to buy thick chair covers. In our online store's linen department, you'll find a wide range of chair covers, from simple cushions attached by ribbons to the uprights of the backrest, to chair covers with ruffles running down to the middle of the chair legs.

These luxurious models will add a touch of elegance to your dining room, and your guests will appreciate their comfort. Available in a range of colors, linen and cotton chair covers are highly resistant to regular washing, ensuring optimum hygiene and eliminating grease and wine stains. Not only are they comfortable to sit on, they also extend the life of your chairs.

The chair, a recent concept

While the seat is a piece of furniture that was already being made in the time of the ancient Egyptians, the concept of the chair as we know it is relatively recent.

Seats were once symbols of power and wealth, and only the great and the good used them. Only the King could sit, while courtiers and servants were obliged to stand as a sign of deference. The common people often sat on the floor or on wooden benches or stools to eat.

In the 19th century, the industrial revolution and the emergence of new woodworking techniques, notably bending, led to the mass production of furniture, and a radical change in lifestyle for the lower classes. The chair entered most homes. Traditionally made of wood, the seat is made of woven straw or upholstered with springs and horsehair.

Designers in the 20th century vied with each other to create whimsical models using materials as diverse as plastic, polyurethane foam, chromed steel and cardboard. In the age of recycling, furniture manufacturers also came up with the Navy 111 chair, constructed entirely from Coke bottles.

The comfort of chair cushions

While the shape is softening and offering better ergonomics, the chair is still much less comfortable than the armchair. That's why the chair cover is the best solution for making it more comfortable.

What's more, by changing the galettes and adapting them to the theme of the evening or the season, you can transform your dining room at little cost.

Don't hesitate to buy your chair covers in sets to save money and make sure you get identical items. And for an extra touch of refinement, discover our matching chair covers and table linens... guaranteed to impress your guests.

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