Kids Bedding Sets

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Adopt a caradou®, an ingenious sleeping system for your child!

Caradou® is an ingenious idea that will make your life easier. How does it work? A "ready-to-sleep" bed linen set that includes a comforter cover and fitted sheet connected by a zipper. As your child gets older, he no longer wants his sleeping bag. He's often still too small to manage a sheet or comforter on his own. He spends part of the night uncovered, and you can't help getting up several times to look after him. With a caradou® or ready-to-sleep sleeping bag, your little one can sleep in comfort and safety in his cozy little nest.

The many benefits of Caradou®.

Easy to care for, Caradou® is ideal for children who move around a lot at night and are constantly discovering themselves. You'll never have to worry about your toddler falling out of bed. He'll be snug and warm all night long, and have sweet dreams. The whole family can sleep peacefully, without having to wake up. No more sleepless nights! What a joy! Another bonus: it saves time. In the morning, there's no more bed to make. All you have to do is re-zip the Caradou® and you're ready to go! Your child will find it great fun to learn how to make his own bed. They'll become self-sufficient in every way. Ready-to-sleep is also ultra-practical for bunk beds or mezzanines. You won't have to twist and turn any more. Another major advantage is that they are often anti-mite, and you can machine-wash each element separately. All that's left to do is choose your caradou® from our range of designs: with hearts or stars, stripes or animals. Let your son or daughter choose the one he or she prefers. All that's left is to wish him or her a good night's sleep!
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