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Baby bath cape

Practical and soft, the baby bath cape or bath towel quickly and warmly envelops baby after his or her bath. Thanks to the folded corner that acts as a hood, baby's head is quickly covered and the towel stays securely in place.

Whether you call it a bath cape or a bathrobe, this linen is used to welcome your baby out of the bath. This essential piece of babywear allows you to wrap your baby as soon as he's out of the water. The bath cape meets your baby's needs from birth. It allows you to dry your baby's skin perfectly, while keeping him warm in his bath cape and in your arms! The tender, gentle moment of bath time can be prolonged by using a bath cape. It's easy to use, and your baby's cape is warm, soft and reassuring. Several materials can be used in the design of this piece. Whether you're preparing for the birth of your baby, offering a baby gift or another occasion, choose from a range of bath capes to suit you, your baby and your budget.

What is a bath cape?

The bath cape is a bath towel that serves the same purpose as a bath towel after a shower, bath or toilet. It can be used to wrap your baby up after a bath to dry him off and keep him warm.

It's made from absorbent fabric and is usually cut to a square shape. It features a hood sewn into a corner of the garment. Some models feature pockets, a belt or accessories such as a glove.

At what age should you wear a bath cape?

From birth, you can use the bath cape for your little one. It is mainly used for babies, but can also meet the needs of your children up to 36 months, depending on the cut and manufacture of the bath cape.

How to choose a bath cape?

When choosing your baby's bath cape, there are a number of criteria to take into account.

First of all, the material from which the bath cape is made. A soft, absorbent material is ideal for welcoming your baby, drying him quickly and keeping him warm.

Next, the size of the bath cape is an important factor. Depending on your baby's age and size, you need to choose a suitable piece. It's also important to choose a bath cape with a hood big enough to accommodate your baby's head. That's the whole point of this accessory.

What materials to choose for your bath cape?

To meet your baby's needs, the bath cape must be made from a soft, absorbent fabric.

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