A little black dress, a lacy blouse and linen sheets: we all have something at home from La Redoute. Why? Because La Redoute is more than a job, it’s a passion. A story of generations. La Redoute helps clients with their fashion choices and creating their own style. For all the women who want to express their personality through the clothes they wear, always for more for morefreedom and authenticity inspired by natural Parisian chic. Ah yes, fashion!

The saga...

From the meeting of a family, the pollets, and the north of france, a wool mill was born that over the course of time has become the champion of distance selling.


Roubaix, 1837. That is the year in which the first page of the extraordinary adventure of La Redoute begins. Joseph Pollet, son of a rural family, moved to the capital of the French wool region with his wife and kids. Son of labourers who were already textile manufacturers, Joseph opened the first worsted spinning mill, inventing a number of processes and winning several prizes. They say that he reconciled ‘variety, good taste and low prices’. Do we not recognise the virtues of this business 170 years later?


Joseph’s son Charles took up the torch and built a factory on a plot on the rue de Blanchemaille and rue de La Redoute in 1873. Where does the name come from? A small stronghold (redoubt) that defended the castle of Roubaix. Or it could be a theatre called ‘Redoute’ (from the Italian ‘ridotta’), nobody knows for sure


The first catalogue saw the light of day in 1928. Delivered for free upon asking, it catered to the needs of 600,000 clients the mills of La Redoute registered. It was small, 16 pages, about 40 articles, and nothing but knitwear.
La Redoute, a fashion history

Avoiding diktats, la redoute has always helped women be in tune with themselves and with the times. chronology of a fashion story destined to all women

1960-1970 : The yé-yé years

La Redoute modelled itself after French pop stars: Sylvie Vartan, France Gall and Johnny Hallyday.

1970-1980 : The television years

The La Redoute catalogue was entirely with photos and in colour. From polo-neck jumper to bell-bottom trousers and the chasuble dress with coloured prints, clients’ needs were met.

1980-1990 : The creator years

La Redoute, always tuned in to trends, launched an invitation to creators. As of 1985, the shapes of Popy Moreni, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Marithé & François Girbaud joined the pages of the catalogue..

1990-2000 : The couture years

La Redoute sided with couture. From Karl Lagerfeld to Yves Saint Laurent with a detour through Viktor & Rolf. Haute couture and nice prices: what more could you want?

2000 : The style ambassador years

At La Redoute, there’s more than meets the eye. Its ambassadors look like them. They are generous accomplices of all ages and styles: Emmanuelle Béart, Vanessa Paradis, Laetitia Casta, Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy.
La Redoute fashion and lifestyle

Home brands

The girl next door, fresh and friendly, light-hearted and lively. A woman who likes fashion without being a fashionista. The casual woman who doesn’t worry and who is fun to chat with. The unique woman, both liberated and accessible, dynamic and enterprising who has personality, who is daring and doesn’t hide it, and who is self-confident.

La Redoute incarnates this vibrant and lively woman, helping her with her fashion choices, shaping her style, inspired by natural Parisian chic.

La Redoute Brands

Mademoiselle R : A line with poetic and aesthetic notes. A feminine wardrobe with updated retro looks in new fabrics and contemporary colours.
Soft Grey : An urban casual collection, modern and different looks for every day.
Laura Clément : A chic, feminine and sophisticated collection in tune with the times.