White tablecloth

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Hoping to buy a white tablecloth?

Whether indoors or out, your wedding, anniversary or dining room tables will be impeccable, inspiring purity and freshness. It's the perfect color choice for an authentic, modern and refined decor, or even a more classic style.

Both 'La redoute interiors' and 'Am.pm' have distinct characteristics, not to mention the company 'Today'. So look for what you have in common with our products to make your purchase. In the category tablecloths, we have received 1905 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.21. For example, for the article "Scenario easy-care cotton tablecloth", "Titrousse38" tells us: "I couldn't find a round tablecloth I liked, so I opted for a square one. I don't regret it. the Prussian blue color is magnificent, it's stain-resistant but the fabric is pleasant to the touch" and adds a rating of 5 out of 5. Inexpensive, solid or plush, linen, polyester or cotton fabrics have contrasting characteristics. Choose your product according to your criteria.
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