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For a good night's sleep, it's a good idea to invest in the right pillow. There's a pillow to suit everyone, and every preference, whether you're looking for a practical pillow or one made from natural fibers.

Choice of upholstery

When you opt for a natural fiber pillow, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to filling! For those who prefer soft, comfortable pillows, these are certainly the most suitable.

Among the many filling options available, you can, for example, find pillows made from goose or duck down, antique Arles merino wool or virgin wool (i.e. not chemically treated), feathers or even characteristic latex (from the sap of the rubber tree).

There's a wide choice, so you can find the filling that suits you best, depending on your preference for comfort and firmness.

Depending on whether you choose feather and down or latex, the firmness of the pillow will differ: feathers are softer and ideal if you don't like a pillow that's too firm.

Which pillow for which body shape?

When choosing your pillow, you can also choose the shape you prefer: square or rectangular, it's up to you to test which suits you best.

Choosing a rectangular natural fiber pillow ensures that your spine is perfectly aligned with your neck: in fact, your shoulders don't rest on the pillow, but rather against it, keeping your neck more in line with your back and spine throughout the night. The shape of a pillow is not insignificant!

A square pillow, for example, is not recommended for people with chronic back or neck pain, who therefore need improved and prolonged support.

A respectful pillow

If you have special needs, you're sure to find the right pillow for them.

For example, if you or a member of your family are highly sensitive to dust mites, you can purchase a dust mite-treated pillow. This hypoallergenic treatment allows even the most sensitive people to sleep peacefully.

A wide selection of natural fiber pillows is available on the site, so you can find the one that best suits your needs. Your only problem? Choosing from among all the models!

The eternal goose feather pillow

A bedding classic, the goose feather or duck down pillow recalls the comfort of the good old beds of yesteryear. Rather firm, the natural-fiber pillow quickly takes the shape of your head. If it settles over time, simply refill it. Hypoallergenic and characteristically micro-ventilated, feather or down pillows are anti-dust mite treated and prevent perspiration.
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