String Lights & Novelty Lamp

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A string of lights to brighten up your home

Light up your interior decor with a solar or electric garland light. It's sure to enhance any room. Create a festive atmosphere in your baby's room, a cosy one in the living room or a romantic one in your bedroom. Our range of garlands (LED bulbs, light balls) will delight you and invite you to give free rein to your imagination. The color combinations are infinite and the materials (metal, polyester, cotton, PVC, fabric, rattan, etc.) numerous. You're bound to find a model to suit your mood! Hang it from the ceiling, above your sofa for a subdued atmosphere, or create an original lamp by placing it under a bell. There's no limit to your creativity. We recommend string lights to add soft light to a dark corner of your home, or to brighten up a room that's a little too cold. It's the little difference that will change everything in your decor, at low cost. LED string lights also consume very little energy.

Lighting garlands, the little extra for your event

Getting ready to decorate your wedding, anniversary or other important event? Invite string lights to the party! Create a festive outdoor atmosphere with our colorful and creative models. Choose the length that's right for you: small or large, simple or sophisticated, you'll find the model that's just right for you. Place your garland of lights on the table to create a table runner of a thousand lights. Display photos of the day's heroes: highlight them with a beautiful lighting effect. For the big day, garlands of lights will be the finishing touch to your guinguette wedding. And don't forget a lightbox. This luminous message box allows you to inscribe a warm welcome or the first names of the bride and groom. The ball light garland is also an essential part of any Christmas decoration. Choose a glittery model for a guaranteed fairytale atmosphere!

Garlands of LED light balls are widely represented in interior design magazines, and for good reason: they provide soft, subdued light, consume very little energy and add a cosy touch to any part of the home, indoors or out. They come in a variety of shapes (balls, lanterns, stars...) and materials to suit every style. Here are 4 reasons why you should adopt LED string lights.

Easy to install

The LED garland plugs easily into the electrical circuit, thanks to a universal plug. Its sturdy cord supports the balls containing the small LEDs. Very versatile, the garland can be placed along a stair rail or on a door or window frame. Of course, the LED garland can be used for special occasions like Christmas and New Year's Eve, but not only that. Since it consumes very little energy, it can remain in place for all days of the year, bringing light and warmth to your home.

It adds charm to your terrace or balcony

You're lucky enough to have an outdoor space and you're dreaming of setting up a cosy garden lounge. LED garlands in white or multicolored can create a real "guinguette" atmosphere. Thanks to garlands, you can personalize your terrace or balcony to your heart's content. Garlands in the shape of light bulbs or Chinese paper lanterns will give your summer living room a festive air. What's more, the garland can be wrapped around a pillar or tree to dress up and decorate the vegetation around you. Last but not least, the garland can be used as a light source, diffusing a subdued glow.

It brightens up any room

This versatile garland can also be installed indoors. It adds a touch of sparkle to a decor that's too plain. Against a white wall, a colored ball will warm the atmosphere, while against a black or dark wall, a warm white LED garland will add cachet. It's a smart investment, since LED garlands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but above all they're available at all prices. Whether you're looking for curtain lights, cotton baubles, LED trees or decorative branches, you're sure to find something to decorate a wall, a door frame or a corner of a room.

It can be used as accent lighting

The LED garland can be installed to create accent lighting. In a child's bedroom, the garland can easily replace the night-light. In a hallway, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, garland can reinforce existing lighting and add a touch of decoration. What's more, this garland can be used to highlight your furniture. The LED ribbon can modernize an aging bookcase or a kitchen worktop.

Light decorations are a real must-have for a cosy, warm atmosphere.

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