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9 ideas for recycling/transforming your clothes

Many of our clothes can be reused, customised, repaired and recycled, especially those loved pieces we don’t want to throw away. Sometimes, a good idea is enough to give our clothes a second life. So, for sustainable fashion, give your old clothes a make-over: play the designer and let your imagination run wild!
There’s a hole in my jeans…
Your favourite mum jeans have holes for a distressed look, but it’s a little chilly at the moment… How about sewing a check motif fabric underneath the holes? Checks are on-trend this winter and it will give your jeans a designer look.

Cover up a hole in a jumper, shirt or jacket
You have a little hole in your cashmere jumper. Why not sew on a patch to cover up this little defect? It will give it an extra touch of chic and make your jumper last longer. You can also embroider over the hole, for example on a shirt collar. And for worn out elbows on your jacket, sew on elbow patches.

Need a poncho?
Temperatures are falling and you’re not sure what to do with an old bed spread. Repurpose it as a poncho: cut a large rectangle and a square in the middle. With this unique poncho, you'll have a great bohemian look.

Transform your jeans
Think your jeans are too plain? To add a touch of style, sew a tuxedo-style braid along the outer seam of the legs for a dinner suit effect.
Another tip for turning your old jeans into shorts: use a pair of shorts that fit well to get the right length. Cut the jeans at that length straight across for a frayed look: your shorts will be waiting in your wardrobe for next summer. Jean pockets can also be recycled and used as handy little pouches.

Transform your skirt
You're a little tired of your skirt but the cut suits you so well... Add fringes or a lace band at the hemline. And that's it: you've got yourself a new skirt!

Renew your men’s style shirt
You're not a big fan of your men's shirt anymore, but you love the print. Cut off the two long sleeves to turn it into a sleeveless shirt and turn the fabric scraps into a pussy bow. The result: a new shirt with a trendy look.

Reuse a tie

An old tie can be reused as a hair band or tie belt - perfect for emphasising the waist of your denim dress.
Recycle an old wax jacket
How can you recycle old wax cloth in a clever way?
By cutting it into regular-sized rectangles, you can reuse these as book covers for your favourite books.

How about your socks?
Socks with holes in them can be turned into mittens. Simply cut your socks straight across the toes. Make a hole in the heel to put your thumb through. Handy for a bike ride this winter.

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